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Linux Newbie

By mkrain ·
I am new to Linux. I am currently running Mandrake 8.1. I tried to get RedHat to atleast configure to the bare minimum but no luck. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any tips/websites on Linux that might offer me a way to increase my knowledge of this new OS. I know how to install some software and some unix but nothing about compiling kernels or the more advanced feature. Anything will be appreciated. I am sure that this will help all those out there like me.

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For Linux Newbies

by LordInfidel In reply to Linux Newbie

Go to this site...

This will give you some good information on how to get started.

This is the documentation project.

Also the popular, A great place for Linux users.

good luck

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I forgot one

by LordInfidel In reply to Linux Newbie

Can't forget about

Once you search around these sites you will find links to other great information.

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D.O. listed the main ones, but here

by admin In reply to Linux Newbie

is an additional page to bookmark and start at to learn about your distro and many other sites....


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I find these helpful too. +

by radiic In reply to Linux Newbie

Plus dont forget to use as your search engine. Anytime i get stuck i start there.

Here is a beautiful site for RPM's

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configure to the bare minimum?

by wongt005 In reply to Linux Newbie

Could you explain a little bit more of what you're trying to do, please? Are you saying that you're trying to install RedHat to an older machine?

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