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MEIN KAMPF- Im an avid digital artist specializing in pixel with a little vector. I research and test a wide variety of devices pertaining to the digital photography workflow for my company. Im not the greatest computer tech but I know enough to pull my weight certainly more than alot of my co-workers (except administrators). Ive used PC\Mac's for years with all sorts of imaging applications-not work on them or networked them. A couple of months ago Ive been tasked with setting up a proper digital workflow via-COLOR MANAGEMENT-Interspace Color Consortiums (ICC's)-calabrations, building profiles etc. Being "the company's expert [*but not one really*] except to them" Ive been trying so hard to just make 4 different types of scanners, 27 computers, 4 different types of DCS/digital camera's all try to print in the gamut of a Xerox's laser pigments, HP's thermal inkjet dyes, and a Piezo inkjet dyes+pigments printer with nit-picky Quality Control (QC) unsatisfied with the results. This whole time in MY STRUGGLE NEVER KNOWING THAT CURSED WINDOWS NT will not actually let an ICC compliant image/vector editing application calibrate the monitor?s profile with your working colorspace one without using a utility in the control panel?thatof which an ADMINISTRATOR has to do with his login profile (who doesn?t even know color management) performing the task! I cant even defrag my drives without this password and its HARD ENOUGH to get the administrators to FIND THE TIME to install new hard/soft ware for me to evaluate. With all the taskings I have to do to set up a workflow, I almost have to have an ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD to wipe my ***!
(brace the bitterness?)

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Why would you need a Network Administrators password to perform tasks on your local machine. If you are a Local Admin you can manipulate your machine and not even disrupt the network. Get a local admin account to your machine and go from there, Sorry I can not help you with the apps stuff. Never used them.

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