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Looking for a little help

By wescrock ·
Hi all,

I know I'm probebly not in the right place for this kind of question... But I couldnt think of a better place to go... Im looking to buy a new monitor and I'm in between 2 right now. and

any opinions?

fyi: looking for a good monitor for multimedia and gaming

Thanks all,

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I may be old fashioned but

by JamesRL In reply to Looking for a little help

For gaming, I still prefer a CRT - brightness and speed.

If you are going for an LCD for gaming/videos, make sure you get one that is less than 8ms or better response time. Slower than that and you will see blurring.

They look exactly the same in terms of specs.


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Not too old I hope

by jdmercha In reply to I may be old fashioned bu ...

LCD's provide better color depth and contrast. CRT's provide finer detail. I thought that the refresh rates were about the same though.

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Old enough

by JamesRL In reply to Not too old I hope

My understanding of LCDs is that refresh rate is somewhat meaniless as they don't scan anyway - they don't refresh things that don't change.

The response time in an LCD is how fast it reacts to an input - games and movies can tax an older/slower LCD.

On the whole, a good CRT is brighter than a good LCD. I might also suggest that those in publishing where they want exactness in colour find it easier to calibrate a good CRT.

LCDs take up less space, use less power and are easier from an eye strain perspective.

I use an LCD at work and a CRT on my gaming system at home.


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