Loss of administrator status

By charles ·
After a lightening strike at my office, my account on my PC was altered to "user" from "administrator". I have tried to run "system restore" to fix this, but to no avail as the system doesn't see me as authorized to perform this.

I've tried this in both "safe mode" and regular XP pro mode to no effect.

Any help???

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Have deskside support look at it. <NT>

by w2ktechman In reply to Loss of administrator sta ...
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by charles In reply to Have deskside support loo ...

Who or what is that?

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humm lighting strike causes account change...

by CG IT In reply to WASSSAT?

don't think acts of god are covered under warranty...

If the lighting strike changed your administrator's account status, it also changed the administrators security group status so that it's now a standard user security group. What that means is there is no administrators security group. Without an administrators security group, there is no administrators account.

Nothing you can do will create an administrators security group, which will then allow you to create an administrators account.

Time to reload software.

Noah had this same problem with the computer system on the Ark.

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by charles In reply to humm lighting strike caus ...

This decidedly non-techie thanks you for your patience.

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by charles In reply to may be the following

your non-condescending response.

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Hey buddy, it's our policy here to not provide password cracking info

by ManiacMan In reply to may be the following

You've just went ahead and violated the basic ethics and principals behind every IT professional on this site. How are we to know if this request is legitimate or someone looking to break into a machine other than their own? If you want to play "wannabe hacker", then take your business elsewhere, but if you've noticed already, we don't respond kindly to requests for password or BIOS cracking.

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Maniac, did you follow the links?

by Tig2 In reply to Hey buddy, it's our polic ...

They were both neutral. Anyone legitimate would know this and have the proper tools as advised in the first link. Anyone non technical should not even attempt the advice in the second link.

Don't attack someone giving information in these kinds of threads. Simply mark them as spam and move on.

We also try to play nicely together here...

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Tig, I've seen the links and am aware of this information

by ManiacMan In reply to Maniac, did you follow th ...

I was simply warning the previous poster of going a little too far with trying to be helpful and providing information that isn't publicly available. If you haven't noticed, I've been playing nicely with everyone, but I will give a stern warning when I see someone being a smartass and going against every other poster on a thread that chooses not to provide password cracking help, even if it is posted on some website. Nobody appreciates a black sheep among the crowd.

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by scott_heath In reply to Tig, I've seen the links ...

The first link basically says to reinstall Windows. The security hole itsn't a security hole. 5 more seconds and it lets you choose your new administrator password. I've kept mum about the different ways to get around the password but this one is funny. You would thibnk if someone could find this site they could find the several others that tell someone how to get around Windows security.

And the 2nd link is about fiel level ownership! What does that have to do with anything?

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