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Love all humans, was it?

By stargazerr ·

This is absolutely disgusting


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What else could you expect

by Old Guy In reply to Love all humans, was it?

from them? Hopefully this will be a catalast to bring the majority of the Muslim people to their senses and destroy the radicals who are causing all the problems!

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Unfortunately, it happened four years ago

by neilb@uk In reply to What else could you expec ...

and the governments of both our countries want to buy oil from and sell arms to the Saudis...

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Oh. I didn't look at the date.

by Old Guy In reply to Unfortunately, it happene ...

Well, since it was that long ago then I don't guess anyting good will come of it. That makes it even more abysmal!

Sometimes I do think the whole world is worthless but then I know it's not because of the people in the world. I know there are a lot of people who are trying to live right but as you pointed out the governments are really screwy.

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by jdclyde In reply to Unfortunately, it happene ...

who really cares if the women are treated like dogs? Oh wait. I forgot, I treat my dog better than that.

I think we see who the real dogs are. May they die in a stampede of pigs and be sent to whatever version of **** they believe in. X-(

Why are not more womens rights groups in the USA/Canada standing up in outrage of the muslim world? Because politics is more important to them.

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Recently in Ontario

by JamesRL In reply to Besides,

There was a committee in Ontario looking at implementing a form of Sharia aribtration in Ontario. It would only be for family court type of matters - divorce, child custody etc. There already was such a thing for Jewish people, and there was some pressure for something similar for Muslims.

A number of women's groups and even moderate muslim groups opposed this, and were successful at persauding the government to not implement the recommendation to have sharia aribtration. What happened instead was a lawa was passed that eliminated the right to religious arbitration for everyone, including the Jews who already had this right.

Not every muslim thinks of women this way, and its wrong to generalize like that.


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To generalize

by jdclyde In reply to Recently in Ontario

I did not generalize, and had specifically said so in a different post. The last post was aimed directly and SPECIFIC people, so again, no generalization.

But, the muslims that do NOT think that way about women don't seem to be going out of their way to do anything about it.

If you allow a crime to be committed, how much are you responsible for the continued crimes?

And no, your religious beliefs do not trump the laws of the land you have chosen to live in, and "you" know that coming into that country.

We had a case in Florida where a woman was trying to claim religous persicution because you HAVE to have your picture on your drivers liscense. She claimed this was a violation of her religous beliefs. I say, don't become involved in it if it violates your beliefs. If you want to drive, here are the rules. You don't like the rules, go to some other country that has rules you like. Of course the FACT that in her home land she wouldn't be ALLOWED to drive under ANY situation is completely besides the point, huh?

Some people just make me sick.

Muslims having arranged marriages to 12 year old girls is also quite a reason to have disgust for them. If you do that in North America, you are labeled at the pervert you are and sent to jail.

I just read a way they are catching pedaphiles is by keeping track of who goes to thailand. It really is a sick world, and amazes me that all these countries that are so much older than the US and Canada are still the most uncivlized.

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Not restricted to Muslims

by JamesRL In reply to To generalize

We had a similar example just today in Toronto. A coalition of Jewish religious groups representing Reform (liberal), Conservative and Orthodox had planned a Holocaust memorial event in a city park. A choir, made up of teenage jewish kids, was invited to participate. A group of Orthodox Jewish rabbis argued that the choir should not participate because according to them, their religious belief is that the singing of women should not be heard by men. So the coalition withdrew its support because they supported the choir. Another example of a minority perspective (within the jewish faith) dictating to the majority. But in this case the majority did something about it.

I would also suggest there are some so-called Christian groups in North America who promote bigamy and have had marriages of 13 and 14 year old girls/women. Despite our moral outrage they still exist.

Don't get smug over Thailand - the sex trade there would not be so strong if it wasn't for the North American and European customers coming in. Canada passed a law that they could and would prosecute anyone from Canada who visited there on a sex tour.


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Did not intend it as "smug"

by jdclyde In reply to Not restricted to Muslims

They condone and allow the sex trade and SHOULD be looked down upon for it.

My point was that we are looking at steming the flow from civilized nations as a method of identifying and taking care of this known problem with people that live here. These people as well are to be looked down upon and dealt with accordingly. To have a country prosecute you for something you do in another country is pretty revolutionairy and is a first step in resolving this major issue. Of course we won't hear our politicians ever say anything, nor will the grand UN about Thailand actually doing something about it. Sad.

I believe JCK said there are some states in the south that do allow underage marriages if the parent signes off on it, but I am not formiliar with them myself. Not generally accepted.

Yes, generalizations are a bad thing, but so is looking the other way while others in your "group" run wild.

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Child Marriages

by stargazerr In reply to To generalize

were very prevalent in India too, 50 years ago.

There still exist some very small pockets of population that practice child marriages. These are the illiterate people who have no regard for laws and consider traditions like child marriages and Sati (burning the wife alive at the pyre when the husband dies) above petty laws.

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When talking about civilized nations

by mjwx In reply to To generalize

Age is irrelivent. It is a nations ability to change and respond to change which makes the most difference in how civilized a nation is.

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