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Loved the Matrix Revolutions!

By wordworker ·
Anybody else catch Matrix on opening day? All of the reviews I've read have been really harsh, but I thought it was a great! Would love to hear reviews/opinions from fellow TechRepublic members.

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I broke the law !

by Oz_Media In reply to Loved the Matrix Revoluti ...

yes, I broke the law and saw it last week. Somebody report me to the authorities, rather than get religious on me.

Compared to part 2, I think it was better, then again I thought part 2 was crap. Too many long silences and mood attempts. Who ever said that Keanu could act anyhow, hmm, yeah, hmm. It's as painful as watching Arnold try to form his forst English words in Conan part1 but at least he had an excuse. Keanu simply can't act. He is great at playing 'keanu' but what other characters can he portray? Every movie he's in he plays the same character with the same voice and the same look. STALE.

I met him during filming of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, he was then Keanu but he fit the part well. Ever since, he's still the same guy with the same sound, the same look, the same tone, the same mannersisms. This isn't acting, it's sad.
Johnny Depp, always looks like Johnny Depp, but always sounds different, delivers lines differently, acts differently, has a myriad of available accents changes his natural mannerisms.
When I first met Depp, I thought he was a huge loser (he got pissed off at a volleyball tournament after a Jumpstreet shoot and went home like a typical baby. Understanding later why he was acting this way made it understandable.)but as I've watched him grow and express himself through a series of VERY different roles, I now see him as a competent actor with a lot of natural talent.

Matrix 3? Ok if you like that sort of thing I guess, but it could really use an leading actor instead.

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How did you see it last week

by LordInfidel In reply to I broke the law !


I did not know that they were premiering it........

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I broke the law

by Oz_Media In reply to How did you see it last w ...

I broke the law and saw it last week.

Good ole P2P! Shh.

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by LordInfidel In reply to I broke the law

don't beleive in file sharing....

it's the one bit of ethical morality I have.

Call it a charcter flaw.... I choose to pay for my crap. I'm just one of the sheep herded brain washed masses when it comes to paying for music and movies.

Besides, I would much rather see it for the first time on the big screen rather then on my monitor or outputed in lousy quality to my tv.

I'm glad though you did not give away the ending, would of had to kick you in the nuts.

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to ohhhhh

We al have these debilitating "qualities" sometimes. I actually received a prescreen copy that was sent to a large Canadian video retailer, mainly owned by my family. They let me suck it off their drives so it wasn't true P2P as in Kazzaa or Morpheus. I would have just borrowed the disk but it is expensive going to and from the Mainland.

DVD quality but yes on my TV.

Would you really pay $17.00 to see it in a theatre? I think the best popcorn/meal deal they offer is a Med. Popcorn, Small POP, and chocolate bar for $9.99. Now you're at 26.99 and you haven't found a seat yet. DON'T BRING A DATE!

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Not only do I pay for seats

by LordInfidel In reply to Fair enough

I actually use Fandango or
and pay the extra 2 bucks per ticket so I don't have to wait on-line and talk to some high school kid that can barely speak english.

<I'm a little jaded today>

I have a permament date, a wife. You get used to paying double for everything after a while.

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Sorry but

by Oz_Media In reply to Not only do I pay for sea ...

As for the wife, been there daone that, nope, no sir, didn't like her one bit.

I will assume that movies are at least somewhat reasonably priced there, I did actually take a friend and her daughter to see ELF yesterday, IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Great show for Christmas !

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bad boys, bad boys

by Passwordchanged In reply to I broke the law

you feel like you must tell the world Twice that you broke the law. So you'r a bad boy? you hope to crack 50 comments by inviting flames about your ethics and legalities? you're crying out for help? bless your heart hope you get some

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Sorry about that

by Oz_Media In reply to bad boys, bad boys

But can I ask why you decided to post your comment?
You actually didn't reply to the original post at all but simply posted your usual immature spew.

May I ask why you decided to jump into someone elses discussion and have nothing to offer other than bitching about a post?

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Of course,,, 9 am then again at 7:20

by LordInfidel In reply to Loved the Matrix Revoluti ...

Kind of a hardcore matrix junkie though...

The effects were great. Not sure how I feel about neo and 'trin' .... but the oracle did leave it open for a 4th. Just not sure how neo aka kenau will be worked in.

There will always "have" to be the systemic anomaly though. That is just how the equation works out.

I think that if there is a 4th, it will be on the premise that there is a mass exodus from the matrix and the machine world is in jeopardy of it's survival. But that's just me.

On the mind **** scale this one was a 3, but then again, what was left really to uncover about neo and the origins of the matrix. On the effects and story scale, I give effects a 10+ and story about a 9.

(Now where was the double agent we kept speculating about?)

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