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Low level formatting of Hard Drives

By kevg ·
A lot of discussion groups recommend low level formatting a hard drive to get rid of serious problems. (I assume here, that low level formatting to be something like the debug c:800 routine. I don't know of any other type other then the non-destructive programms such as SPINRITE).
However I've also being told that doing a low level format will destroy the diagnostic cylinder thereby making your drive good for a paperweight as this is installed at factory level.
If this is correct, then why isa low level format option still offered in the CMOS setup?
Or am I missing something here?

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Possible but...

by generalist In reply to Low level formatting of H ...

While it is possible to do low level formatting outside the factory, it is very hazardous unless you know exactly what you are doing and have all the details and software to do it right. Unless you don't have an alternative, avoid it.

I suspect that the CMOS capability is something that has been left in because there are those who are capable of doing low level formatting and have a reason to do so. Another possibility is that removing the ability may take more effort than it is worth, especially if your CMOS level programming is very stable.

A third possibility is that some people would complain a lot if you removed it. These people, the super-tech types, would spread the word that CMOS version XYZ is worthless because it doesn'thave low level format.

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I have no idea why this works....

by admin In reply to Possible but...

but I have fixed several drives prior to trying a low level format (which I have had some success with) by partioning and formatting them on a linux box and then repartioning and formatting back to MS-DOS. I have no idea why this works. I did it thefirst time on accident, and have been surprised by it's success ever since :)

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