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Mad CD-ROM drive

By Blue14 ·
Hey All
I have a problem and hoped i could find solutions to it here.
I have a friend with this computer he recently bought.The thing is his cd-rom drive destroyes every cd that he puts in.When i say destroy i mean blows it apart.The thing is thisthat after this hapens and he cjecks there is alot of heat.Now i'm thinking that the lasers intensity has somehow been increased, and this causes the the heat and the distruction of the cd's.What i need to know is 1. if there is anyone out there whohas experienced this before.2.Someone to explain how the intensity could be increased being that it's main power source comes from the computers power supply(which delivers a steady DC voltage and current right).And if it is a power surge from the power supply why aren't the other components within the commputer affected by this.If there is anyone out there who is able to give me some insight i would be very gratefull.


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Occams Razor

by James R Linn In reply to Mad CD-ROM drive

states that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Based on your question, you know the most probable answer is that there is a problem with the drive itself.

Before you go crazy, replace the drive, the drive cable, and if possible, the power connector, or conversely, put the suspect CD-ROM in a known good computer. You can find someone to burn some test CDs so that you aren't destroying valuable assets.

If it were the power supply itself you would be experiencing blue screensand problems with your HD.


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