Mail merge data and graphs into a letter

By thaugen ·
I am trying to do a benefit statement for our employees. I need to find a program that will merge the data for each individual into a letter and also set it up somehow so that I can merge a graph into the letter that will be specific to each individual's information. I have Office 2007, but I can not merge a graph. Is there a simple to use software program that will do this for me? We will be doing a very large number of these letters so going through each one and making the graph after the data has been merged is not an option.

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It can be done

by rtunnell In reply to Mail merge data and graph ...

We do these standardly for our clients at no cost with a very specialized application. If it is not a complex statement, you can create the statement on an Excel worksheet and have the date on a seperate worksheet. Then, utilizing a third worksheet, utilize the same record layout and link the data for your graph to this third sheet. Finally, write a VBA routine that recurses the data copying from the source data to the third worksheet and execute a print statement. How many records do you have?

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Did you ever get anywhere with this?

by james.amner In reply to Mail merge data and graph ...

The response you receive regarding Excel seemed to miss the point that you needed Word in order for the formatting to be acceptable. I'm looking to do a very similar thing and it would be good to know if you found something that would do this.

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by ariadne In reply to Did you ever get anywhere ...

Same question as the person who posted it originally. I am currently looking to do the same thing and was wondering if anyone has the answer. Indeed: doing it in Excel has it's points but some of my colleagues cannot let go of word :).
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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