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major site problem and odd bug

By Jaqui ·
It took an hour for me to be able to post anything.
or get anywhere but the front page of each area of the site.

Then, with it saying across the top of the screen Welcome Jaqui, showing I had logged in, it was saying I wasn't logged in in the member features, like posts from my contacts.

current time is 2:23 am pdt [ server time ]

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I thought it was only me (jd)

by JDtoo In reply to major site problem and od ...

with my real account, I can't so much as look at my profile.

With this second account I can do as I please.

Looks like TR is punishing us? I have been trying to get in since last night and only get "site problem, The page you've requested cannot be found." with my real account.

As it is with one account and not another, I have to assume TR has done something to my account?

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Hmm..this made me think of something..

by maecuff In reply to I thought it was only me ...
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but that was different

by jdclyde In reply to Hmm..this made me think o ...

because that was ME!

But seriously, I couldn't even open a discussion, look at my profile or anything.

Was wondering who's wee wee I had stepped on to get blacklisted.....

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by maecuff In reply to but that was different

couldn't even open a discussion?? That IS a sad tale you tell..

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Samething was happening

by faradhi In reply to major site problem and od ...

around 10:00 cdt.

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I tried for two days to view discussions

by Neil Higgins In reply to Samething was happening

I could log-in,then that was that.Each link I tried seemed to be struggling to load,so after five minutes,I gave up.Atleast it works now...?

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Suggestion to the TR PTB

by OnTheRopes In reply to major site problem and od ...

Maybe you should look at the code change that prevents exact duplicate posts. I tried to post the same reply to two discussions (too hard to explain) and couldn't. If I added an extra period I could do it.

Anyway, I can't type the same thing twice in supposedly unrelated discussions, to repeat myself. What if I post something different in between posts? Can I say the exact same thing twice then? I'm too lazy to try it.

Does this make sense?

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NeverBusted here

by NeverBustedToo In reply to major site problem and od ...

I make one little teeny suggestion and I've got to change my name and everything to be able to go anywhere on-site.

Sorry. Won't happen again.

My new profile doesn't update either. How did you know it was me?

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by NeverBustedToo In reply to major site problem and od ...

Not a double post. My error.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to major site problem and od ...

Now it works. Logged back in as my rotten old self. 0154EDT.

edit: Just doublechecking @0205EDT

Does anyone have anything stronger than Aspirin?

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