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Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cops

By jck ·

Why'd she keep going? She was taking her cancer-sick husband to the hospital.

Guess that makes it okay to disregard the well-being of the officer you just hit with your car.

Just pathetic.

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I was a smart-alec teenager to cops

by DMambo In reply to Mamas, don't let your bab ...

But later in life I had a few friends who were policemen, and I have all the respect in the world for them now. They definitely deserve the retirement benefits they get. It's tough putting yourself out there every day. Even in a small town, it can be a nasty job.

BTW - the blond News 10 anchor look like a babe!

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by jck In reply to I was a smart-alec teenag ...

I was never a super troublemaker, but I did my bad deeds as well...including potatoes in squadcar tailpipes. ]:)

I have tons of personal friends and family friends back in Oklahoma who are in law enforcement. It's a thankless job, especially because nowadays people are taught that police harass and degrade people. If people would just answer officers directly and without disdain, the officers usually laugh and joke with you once they determine you're doing no wrong.

That's what kills me too...they made that "move over" law in Florida specifically to protect cops from that kind of thing...they have it on video she didn't move over...yet, she's been charged with nothing including the obvious hit-and-run that she left of a cop.

If I punched a cop by accident, I'd be in jail instantly...

A little old lady almost runs a cop over with a 3,000+ lb car and hasn't even been handcuffed.

Talk about getting a bye for being old.

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What people are taught

by DMambo In reply to yeah...

A lot of kids grow up to have no respect at all for authority of any kind. I hear it from teachers, cops, even my wife, who's a nurse practicioner. She tells people who come to her what they need to do, but if they're just looking for a prescription for painkillers and she refuses, they get abusive. These are people in a VA clinic.

I've always liked the idea of "questioning authority". But it can certainly be done respectfully, and it's not the same thing as "challenge authority".

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to What people are taught

I know that I won't gain any friends by saying this here, but like Easy E said back in the day F@@ the police!!!! All they do is harasses and act like they are god. They ruin folks lives often for no reason at all.
And to answer any questions that come my way about this, I have never ever been in jail and my extent of trouble is one entire speeding ticket in my 30 years of life. I'm simply going by my day to day observations.
Just thought I'd put out another perspective here since a few of you are clearly on the "positive side" with the cops.
And in advance sorry if I have offended anyone.

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experience with cops

by jck In reply to Sorry

Oh trust me...I've seen the bad side of cops.

When I lived in my hometown in the country-fied south, one of my friends was a manager of a pizza parlor. He was black. I had walked over from another friend's house to hang out with him as he closed the shop. Then, we rode down and made the bank drop and I was gonna go back to his place and hang out with him and his roommates (who were also friends of mine).

Long story short, we're driving along doing the speed limit with seat belts on. Next thing I know, we're pulled over and 3 police cars are there, and walkin up to the car with guns drawn.

To be honest, I was ready to $hit my pants. First time I'd had a gun pointed at me in my life.

They came up and opened the driver's door and pulled my friend out and had him up against his truck and started to pull me out and saw who I was.

Now, my parents were highly-politically connected where I grew up and that gained me some respect. And given that I was buddies with half the police department (including my parents being personal friends of the chief and asst. chief), the cop I knew who was a lead patrolman said (and this is a quote) when he saw my face: "Oh...hi, <my name here>".

He put his gun away and told the other two officers that everything was okay.

So, I've not only had the bad experience of having cops pull a gun on me when I didn't have anything cept my keys and wallet on me.

Plus, I know they pulled my friend over because 2 of the cops were biggots and my friend was a successful black man running a business and doing well at it.

But, I'm not gonna label all cops bastards. There is a bad cookie once in a while, but the rest of those guys are usually people who believe in folks being able to be safe and have a good life.

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One bad experience is enough

by mcdonjer In reply to experience with cops

I haven't had any major run-ins with the police other than a few tickets over 25 years of driving. But one bad experience is enough to ruin a person's respect for all police officers. They have the power and authority and each officer represents all other officers, they should keep that in mind when they decide to abuse their position.

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