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Managing IT: Are you on a sinking ship?

By Beth Blakely ·


TechRepublic member UNCLEGEORGE recently spun a yarn of "Disaster on
the Bering Sea." It seems that two crab boats capsized killing 15 crew
members. After some investigation, it was discovered that the boats'
bottoms had recently been coated with a new layer of anti-fouling
bottom paint intended to combat the growth of marine organisms. Having
an excess of the paint, the shipyard workers painted the hulls a full
12 inches over spec. This, unfortunately, created a false waterline
which the captain used to load the boats.

"Twelve inches deeper on a 150 foot boat equals tons of additional
displacement," Uncle George wrote. "Both vessels flipped like tops;
there wasn't even time for a 'mayday.'"

Concluding his blog post, Uncle George asks, "If you are managing a
complex network, how diligent are you in managing your load? Have you
calculated the weight of each of those 800 lb. crab pots? Or have you
just looked at the waterline and guessed that all is well?"

How would you answer that question? What tools do you use on a regular
basis to ensure that your team's workloads are balanced? Do you feel
that your manager does a good job at using documentation and tools to
ensure smooth sailing? Share your thoughts in this discussion.

This week's Blog Roundup highlights consists mainly of
management-related blog posts. If you'd like to explore more posts on
these topics, explore the management and leadership tags.

* Management tag

* Leadership tag

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What happens when you have to radically change the way a tech team
works together? RADOBSON explored his method for transforming his team
from "the gang that couldn't shoot straight" to "database delta force."
Find out what he did and the results in his post, "Team
Transformations: Common Vision."

VICRUSSELL wrote a little ditty in defense of the manager titled, "Miss
Management." While he admits that there are clueless, worthless
managers out there, he urges tech pros to appreciate managers for what
they can provide. "Without the manager, we would be required to write
reports, call customers, notify others of a budget overrun and explain
why, etc. A good manager insulates us from these concerns," he writes.
Find out what else he has to say.

Arsnake's blog ANALYST PAGES features a post titled "Many Job Notes,"
with a list of "things you should know before interviewing, applying,
or looking for a job."

MUDDY WATERS is Fed Up and wants you to know about it! As an
introduction, Muddy writes, "I am fed up with crap documentation.
Undocumented features. Bad customer service. Out of date web pages."
The ticked off blogger's first targets are Dell and Norton.
Find out what all the fuss is about by visiting Fed Up!

Looking for Linux-related writings? THE WRITINGS AND MUSINGS OF BRIAN
MASINICK provides a glimpse into the world of "Distro testing," Find
out what he thought of Klax-KDE-3.4.2, Chubby Puppy, and aLinux.**4&id=1085993

TR contributor ROBERT BOGUE gets into the nitty gritty in his post
"Custom Configuration Sections in a .NET config file." Find out how he
created "a rules section in the config file where each rule had some



APOTHEON is one of those members that we're always talking about inside
TR, as an ideal member. He joins in discussions, provides answers in
the Tech Q&A, and--of course--he blogs. His posts are long, meaty, and
often come in a series, like "Understanding OSes" and "Windows->Linux."

* Understanding OSes

* Windows->Linux

He's even tagged all of his blog posts with his user name, a trend that
JMGARVIN jumped on when he blogged about apotheon's experiences with
"Threats and discussion boards."**7&messageID=180**20&id=4093177

If you've got something to say about him, be sure to use the apotheon



Find out what TR's BOB ARTNER calls "Tivo on steroids."**4&messageID=1820608&id=1438946

Do you like The Simpsons? So does PETER SPANDE. Check out his post
about the friendly cartoon family and the house they live in.

Do you like to kick a man when he's down? Me too! Don't miss your
chance to make fun of aspiring science fiction writer and official TR
TRIVIA GEEK, Jay Garmon. He was recently rejected by Asimov's Science
Fiction. Find out the full story in his post, "Manuscript disposable."

Never one to stay down long, The Trivia Geek has vowed to submit his
works again. He's using the TR Links feature to gather his ideas for
future stories. Check out his links under the ideas tag.



What tools do you use on a regular basis to ensure that your team's
workloads are balanced? Do you feel that your manager does a good job
at using documentation and tools to ensure smooth sailing? Share your
thoughts in this discussion.

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