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Marijuana and Terrorism

By thedankiest ·
Most of the money spent on "the war on drugs" goes to enforcing laws restricting the use of marijuana by law enforcement. If Marijuana could be legalized; terrorist monies from marijuana smuggling into the United States would be cut off, a tax could be added to the price of marijuana sold by controlled distributers, and the economy would improve from the use of hemp as a fabric. A tax on Marijuana (say, $25 per. oz. sold) could generate a $500,000,000 surplus for government spending. That would cover half the expenses for the war in Iraq. This is just an idea.

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Terrorism and Marijauna??????

by JamesRL In reply to Marijuana and Terrorism

Excuse me?

My understanding is that the two big exporters of MJ into the US are Canada and Mexico. While you might stretch that into the fact there may be some criminal elements who may support terrorism, its in most cases just greed and criminality nothing more.

There may be a case the Heroin and Cocaine may have some terrorist connections - but I hope you aren't arguing for legalization of those.

Just an interesting side note. Some Canadian provinces have recently had court appeals pass that said that small personal use possession was no longer criminal(we do have legalized medicinal marijauna). The problem we now have issues with people driving under the unfluence of marijauna - how do you test???

Before the courts ruled(Supreme Court of Canada may overrule)I was in favour not of legalization but decriminalization - make it a ticketing offence for small personal amount possession. Don't tie up the courts time. Make it a fine. Don't make it a criminal record offence.


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Canadian drug laws are a farce at best

by Oz_Media In reply to Terrorism and Marijauna?? ...

They decided that it takes up too much court time to actually process each case as being criminal. They RARELY stick.

They then said they would push for legalization, one judge has refused to incriminate anyone for marijuana use as he interprets it as being a breach of the Canadian Constisution to do so. He has urged judges across the coutry to follow in suit.

Making it a fine is another hideous reslution.

the governmet said they were all behind supporting the Cannabis club, an organization growing marijuana under government authority to be sold at 'compassion clubs' where people with a doctors prescrition can obtain it legally. They have not.
They recently 'raided' one such operation and deemed it a waste of time because the quality and amounts were so pitful, a high school kid would do better in his closet.

They will not provide FUNDS to open worthwhile sized operations, you cannot legally buy seeds and the strains used by the cannabis club need to be bought illegally, therefore making the Cannabis Club an illegal operation that gets closed down and raided, instead of supported as said.

ANYHOW, they paid lip service to those who were begging for pain relief and who's doctors had reccommend marijuana as a way to cope with radiation therapy, HIV sicknesses, Hepatitis C (the 'recovery methadone' makes them sick). These people have less chance of surviving because being unable to eat means they are not healthy enough to help fight these horrible diseases. They will IGNORE cannabis clubs by turning a blind eye, they said they would support them.

With poor quality, expensive marijuana, camnnabis clubs will close without goverment support for a supposedly government supported industry.

So people needing marijuana for medical purposes will still remain criminals and not terminally ill people who need help.


Legalization! Make that decriminalization, not actually legalization.

SUPPOSEDLY less than 15 grams is okay, a half ounce. So one joint, 5 grams, a quarter ounce, whatever, you get slapped with over $400.00 in fines.

I think users would rather it was criminalized again and then the police would just turn their heads as always and ignore it. Now they jump right in a collect $400.00, that is NOT being used to support the Canabis Club or help support marjiuana for terminally ill people.

So where they WERE losing money, now they are making it hand over fist. Most police in BC wouldn't bother somone for having a half ounce though, I don't think we produce enough paper for the tickets.

The problem is, they said they were going to address a medical issue and help these people, they have not.

What they have done though is given people a false sense of freedom that they will quickly cash in on at the first opportunity.

It's a complete joke! They did nothing other than see a way to cash in.


Again would be SO oneffective. The government apparently is supporting cannabis clubs, low quality marijuana at a high cost. Nobody wants to buy it because it is garbage and the police have enough info as it is, without retaining some medical marijuana records too. They used to even operate a local Money Mart so they could see who was dealing drugs, cashing welfare cheques etc.

If the government started providing weed, it would be so crappy and so expensive, it wouldn't even make a slight dent in the ilegal drug trade.
Maybe in the US whee maijuana is pretty much junk, unless imported 'BC Bud' (which incidentaly is traded STRAIGHT ACROSS for cocaine in the US to be imported into Canada).
Cocaine is cheap garbage these days too, for all those who think cocaine is far more expensive as it was in the 70's and 80's during the Perivian flake days. They are making money, not progress.

They aren't even enforcing the laws really, they just tabled it to get the pro-marijuana people off their backs. Even the marijuana party (only in Canada ) members still get arrested for a few hours to make a statement.

On a side note: A Cafe in Vancouver LEGALLY obtained a business licence withotu much explanation of what they were selling. They opened a store with a line up for two blocks that existed for over a month before police raided it. They were busted not for sellng marijuana (which they was estimated at over $50,000/day) but for not undergoing the formal application procss for the business licence.

The people at the licencing office said they knew nothing of it, but their signature is on the licence posted on the wall of the store.

Only in Canada!

At least we aren't blowing people up though.

P.S. They CAN test for marijuana use at a roadside check. the roblem is, they haven't proven driving under the influence of marijuana as being a problem. Not too many speeders in a rush that's for sure. NOW DRINKING IS LEGAL AND FINE, yet you drive while drunk and someone will die eventually, no questions asked.

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While you're at it

by TheChas In reply to Marijuana and Terrorism

While they do not affect me personally, I am opposed to adding new "vice" taxes as a significant source of government funding.

Be it mind altering substances, gambling, or what have you, taxes on these items are nearly as regressive as a sales tax. That is, poor and lower middle class citizens end up paying a much higher percentage of their income to the government than higher income wage earners do.

Further, when you look at who buys these "vice" related products, you see another trend of low income people spending higher percentages of their income on these products.

Anyhow, while you're at it, why not also legalize prostitution and the rest of the so called victim-less crimes?

Think of all the revenue that could be raised from taxes on the "sex" trade.

The biggest problem here is that you make the government a partner in preying on human weaknesses.

Why aren't tobacco and alcohol products illegal?
Partially because they were at one time embraced by society.
Mainly because they are a reliable source of tax revenue.

If you really want to tax an addiction, how about exotic coffee drinks?

50 cents a cup on anything beyond coffee with cream and sugar. Now there is a source of revenue!

Oh, by the way, as far as export crops that help fund terrorism, the main drugs are Heroin and Cocaine.
Heroin funds Middle East based terror groups.
Cocaine funds South American based groups.


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I'm not sure about the tax - however

by maxwell edison In reply to Marijuana and Terrorism

I agree that the sale and use of "social drugs" should be legal. (Defining them is another issue.)

Putting the tax issue aside, however, this would make available a significant amount of money and manpower to combat terrorism on the home front - especially in the form of people entering the country illegally. Even though the "war on drugs" is, always has been, and always will be a lost cause, abandoning it will never happen.

Moreover, the number of people incarcerated for "recreational" drug use is astronomical, and it's putting a huge financial burden on society, it's tearing families apart, not to mention the fact that potential taxpaying workers are not generating additional tax revenue. Tax "payers" become tax "takers" and, in many cases, kids and families are left without a provider - and that becomes an even bigger burden on society.

However, the best way to make it legal, and perhaps the best argument to make it legal, is from an individual liberty perspective. And since people are all too willing to give-up their own liberties - by shunning personal responsibility - the government, by consent of the governed, gets to make all the rules.

Hey, if people want to smoke some dope, I think it's their right to do so. However, they shouldn't expect the government to take care of their kids, pay their rent, and buy their meals. But once you start relying on the government to provide any personal needs at all, you get a government who starts dictating how to live the rest of your life. You can't have it both ways.

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