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Marital problems anyone?

By Jaqui ·
I hope you don't go this far:

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I am so glad

by jdclyde In reply to Marital problems anyone?

you didn't post that 9 months ago! I don't need GOOD ideas like THAT! ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to I am so glad

somehow I knew you would say that.

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some people are alive

by jdclyde In reply to ~l~

only because it is illegal to make it otherwise.

It isn't a matter of right or wrong, but fear of getting caught.

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Reminds me

by jardinier In reply to some people are alive

of a certain girlfriend who dumped me for another guy without warning, and announced her decision one Christmas Eve.

I spent a lot of time plotting how to murder her without being caught, but as I would have been the primary suspect, I figured I would break down under police interrogation.

Well at least she inspired me to write this poem:


I see you sitting on my bed
Just like you used to do
I see your warm, entrancing smile
I hear you talking, too
I see your breasts, through flimsy blouse
Inviting me to touch
I sense beneath your denim skirt
The crotch I love so much

Your hand moves down to meet my own
And holds it tenderly
Your soft lips pout so subtly
And so invitingly
My mouth comes down to meet your own
The magic starts to work
As lips and tongues caress gently
My passion goes berserk

And though, in fact, you?re far away
To me, you?re really here
I play again each tender move
Of the love we used to share
I see you clearly as the day
I last made love to you
I feel each pulsing throb and thrust
Perhaps you feel it too?

You?ve gone from me, or so you think
And left me high and dry
But I?ll still have you, when I choose
Until the day I die
So deeply did our souls unite
When you and I were one
You?ll always be a part of me
Until life?s setting sun

Not just a memory are you
That slowly fades away
Though I might wish it otherwise
You?re with me every day
I try to put you from my mind
And start my life anew
But each time when I think I?m free
I look up, and see you

And though I walk along the street
And see the pretty girls
My passion still is all reserved
For you, dear love, my pearl
And when I go to bed at night
And think I am alone
I turn, and hold you in my arms
My darling, precious one

You snuggle up to me each night
Just like you used to do
I see, and feel each tender part
You touch, and feel me too
The magic that we used to share
Is still alive in me
You think you?re gone? Alas, you?re wrong
You?re still with me, my dear

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There is always

by jdclyde In reply to Reminds me

that "ONE" special person, huh? I think everyone has that. I am just glad that my ex-wife is not that one.

the person I could never say no to about anything.
the person I still get that cold knife in the stomack over when I see her somewhere.
the person I KNOW I will see within two days, everytime I have a dream about her. Has NEVER failed me, although I haven't had a dream of her in about two years.

the person I said goodbye to almost twenty years ago.

The wife was betrayal and lies. She deserves every bad thing that is happening to her now. (and it is a lot! ) Karma is kicking her a$$.

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But then

by rob mekel In reply to There is always

Karma will be kicking your boys as well. As they see their mother going down the drain due to the life she has chosen to live.
I can't imagen that they will like that as sure as I am that they are as good as any other boys.(although I don't know them but that is my faith in mankind and the good (in priciple) in all children :))

I have seen it happen to the children of a gf of us (me and my gf). They saw their father going down due to his own fault. They were that hurt that their school results went down and made it, with the help of extra care, but just trough primaryschool. From there on they were fine.

So be careful with what you wish that happens to your ex-wife. It can kick back to you in a strange way. I hope it won't happen to you :)


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kick back

by jdclyde In reply to But then

sure, they are good kids that love their female-parental-unit. What she did was to me, not them so they have no beef against her.

The way I see it, all I can do is provide them with the best I can while I have them and make sure they understand what is going on and why.

With any luck, they will choose to live with me full time!

She can go stand in line at the soup kitchen for all I care, as long as she drops the boys off with me first.

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The idea you don't want to think about

by M_a_r_k In reply to I am so glad

is her idea of hacking off your manhood.

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Oh man

by rob mekel In reply to The idea you don't want t ...

It already hurts just thinking about it. ]:)

Keep these thoughts to yourself M_a_r_k, although I don't wish it would happen to you. :) Or anyone else for that matter. :)


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after the "bobbit" trials

by jdclyde In reply to The idea you don't want t ...

I learned to sleep on my stomach!

Once some stupid judge and jury said it was just fine and dandy to do this to someone, not in self defense, but because your pissed off, it was a bad day to anyone who has ever had an argument with their wife. Had that feeling of someone stepping on your grave, ya know?

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