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Marylin Manson

By Fonken Monken UK ·
So whats everyones feeling towards Mr Manson and his own very special brand of pop music?

I ask as this week in the UK a young chap was sent down for murdering his 14 year old girlfriend. Part of the motivation for doing this had apparently come from listening to the works of Marylin Manson.
I also ask as there's a fair share of people on either side of the ponds here, and I've seen a repoet of Opera/Ricky Lake/some other trash TV where parents were moaning about Mr Manson becuase their sons now wore dresses and their daughters had brightly coloured hair etc etc.

Now I've read Mr Warners autobiography, read several of his essays and seen him interviewed on a number of occasioins. My conclusion; what a thoruoghly thoughtful, erudite and intelligent chap.
I'll come clean and say I dont much care for his music, however I love the way he's putting the wind up most of relegious middle America. He knows exactly what he's doing, but what he is not doing is telling troubled teenages to mutilate themselves or kill their girlfriends. If there's teenagers doing this, then the parents need to look inwards before pointing fingers at that scary figure who's got something going on with one of his eyes.
I also think, and this is the one thats going to get me in trouble, that he is entirely a product of America, via his schooling and culture surrounding upbringing. Basically, if it wasn't him, there's be someone presenting us with 'challenging' images like him in his place, and that he has such a following only shows that there is strength in his sentiment.

What say you people?

(I hope this distracts from the evol/crea thread )

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Correlation does not imply causation

by DC_GUY In reply to Marylin Manson

Americans have a really big problem remembering that. Whereas you Brits can say it in Latin: post hoc ergo propter hoc.

My favorite (as if the implication of liking something can be applied to such a morbid topic) bit of this type of stupidity occurred after the capture of the perpetrator of one of Los Angeles's regular-as-clockwork mass murder sprees. He was always photographed wearing an AC/DC t-shirt.

Well of course! It was the Devil Music that made him do it! Sue Bon Scott! He called himself The Night Stalker and look right here, AC/DC recorded a song titled "The Night Prowler." What more proof do we need?

No one except me ever commented on the fact that he was also wearing a Jack Daniels hat. (A popular American whiskey and forgive me if I've forgotten the actual brand.)

Let's see, which demographic group is most famous for well-documented instances of going wild and committing mayhem: heavy metal fans or drunks?

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Wasn't his Dad a pastor?

by admin In reply to Marylin Manson

Anyway, I don't think the song "Don't Fear the Reaper" causes suicide, but then, that is by some other band.

I am not sure which MM song says to kill your girlfriend specifically. If there is one could you give us the title so we could make an informed decision?

Thanks :>

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Which Song?

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Wasn't his Dad a pastor?

To be honest, I dont think there was a specific song mentioned. The news articles all read 'Big fan of the artist Marylin Manson, known for somewhat cultish behaviour'.

I mean this guy who murderd his girlfriend is alledged to have claimed he was smokeing 600+ joints of waccy baccy every day. Claims like that? I think there's a bigger issue that just the music he's listening to.

Bill Hicks said something once off the back of when Judas Preist got done for prompting their fans to commit suicide. First of all was something like 'do you really think an artist wants to kill his audience', second was 'if you play records backwards for enjoyment, perhaps you should consider suicide"

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It was a painting not a song...

by LouK In reply to Which Song?

The murderer was allegedly influenced not by one of Marylin's songs but of his painting of the infamous Black Dhalia murder. During the trial it emerged that there were startling similarities between the 2 victims wounds. Due to the nature of these they were not elaborated on too much but anyone who knows about the murders knows that these were horiffic injuries. The joint smoking was alleged to be 600 per week not per day, this was mis-reported in several news reports. The amount was used to try to cover up his dealing in canabis and is thought to be a gross exageration although it is known that he was a very heavy smoker.

As for Mr Manson, every time I have seen him interviewed he has struck me a being a very articulate and well educated induvidual.

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MM's Dad was not a Pastor.

by admin In reply to Wasn't his Dad a pastor?

Evidently his Dad was not even religious really.

MM's (well his name was "Brian" then)- MM's parent did send him to Heritage Christian School until 10th grade though, and then he finally got old enough to convince them to let him leave. These years apparantly gave him lots of fuel and understanding of how to push those Religious Right buttons which rocketed him to fame.

I had heard this Pastor rumour, so I thought I'd see since no one else posted on this.

On another interesting note, MM's parents have moved so they can live quite close to him, and evidently they have a great relationship.

I wonder if they still call him Brian?

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To quote Todd Rundgren...

by RknRlKid In reply to Marylin Manson

"If you want the obvious you get the obvious."

This stuff happens periodically, and it irritates me to no end. Uninformed people who make knee-jerk statements based on no research. Unfortunately, it is the people who should know better in the first place.

This reminds me of the "Suicide Solution" lawsuit with Ozzy Osbourne. Instead of READING THE LYRICS, a lawsuit was filed because "Ozzy is encouraging teens to commit suicide as a solution to thier problems." If you read the lyrics, and bother to understand British, not American jargon, then it is pretty obvious that "Suicide Solution" = "alcohol is a liquid that will kill you." It was a song about the dangers of alcohol abuse, not encouraging suicide to solve problems.

Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) is a very bright fellow. I am sure that he knows that he gets lots of free publicity from well-meaning, but very mistaken religious leaders who want to demonize him.

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by house In reply to Marylin Manson

I've never been too impressed with people who point the finger at musicians for their personal issues. In all walks of music, this is present. Among the music that I listen to, is Biggie Smalls. Just because I crank the 'Notorious', doesn't that I hail Mary, full of grace, smack a b*tch in the face, take her Gucci bag and her North Face off her back... jab 'er if she act You get the point. :)

PS - The only Manson album I liked was 'Mechanical Animals'.

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that album

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Agreed

Cannot even claim to be a fan of that album either I'm afriad, but hey, I'm a jazz fan.
What I do like is the way he challenges peoples ideas about things, like the way a good painting does, or a well written essay. And if it makes you uncomfortable, as some of his imagery often does, well is it not worth exploring some of those ideas further?
Just a thought, there's too many terribley repressed people out there.
-soryr, also, I admire a man owning that many hats. Not enough people wear hats in my opinion.

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Although I think Marilyn Manson is a real tool...

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Marylin Manson

...he can't be blamed for what the kid did. Same as when people tried to blame Ozzy Osbourne when some kids committed suicide, it is not Ozzy's fault. Now I do like Ozzy's music, but don't care for Manson. I think he just does what he does for the shock effect and to yank people's chains, nothing more.

"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original" - Alice Cooper

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Wasn't Alice's Dad a Pastor too?

by admin In reply to Although I think Marilyn ...

hmmm... is this a pattern? :>

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