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Marylin Manson

By Fonken Monken UK ·
So whats everyones feeling towards Mr Manson and his own very special brand of pop music?

I ask as this week in the UK a young chap was sent down for murdering his 14 year old girlfriend. Part of the motivation for doing this had apparently come from listening to the works of Marylin Manson.
I also ask as there's a fair share of people on either side of the ponds here, and I've seen a repoet of Opera/Ricky Lake/some other trash TV where parents were moaning about Mr Manson becuase their sons now wore dresses and their daughters had brightly coloured hair etc etc.

Now I've read Mr Warners autobiography, read several of his essays and seen him interviewed on a number of occasioins. My conclusion; what a thoruoghly thoughtful, erudite and intelligent chap.
I'll come clean and say I dont much care for his music, however I love the way he's putting the wind up most of relegious middle America. He knows exactly what he's doing, but what he is not doing is telling troubled teenages to mutilate themselves or kill their girlfriends. If there's teenagers doing this, then the parents need to look inwards before pointing fingers at that scary figure who's got something going on with one of his eyes.
I also think, and this is the one thats going to get me in trouble, that he is entirely a product of America, via his schooling and culture surrounding upbringing. Basically, if it wasn't him, there's be someone presenting us with 'challenging' images like him in his place, and that he has such a following only shows that there is strength in his sentiment.

What say you people?

(I hope this distracts from the evol/crea thread )

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by maecuff In reply to Marylin Manson

I think blaming a song, or a book, or a television show for a violent crime is complete b*llshit. We're all exposed to violent images and, at least most of us, don't go around mutilating other people.

I'm sure these parents don't want to accept that their child is a monster and need someone to blame, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

Marilyn Manson? I'm not a great fan either, but I do like his remake of 'Personal Jesus'.

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What maecuff said...

by Salamander In reply to Personally on the money. I don't care for his music, but my radio and television are equipped with a state of the art, advanced censorship technology: the off switch.

What? Marilyn Manson remade "Personal Jesus"? I may have to check that out.

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Its a good cover..

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to What maecuff said...

of a good song, but nothing on the original!

Yeah, you're on the moeny guys - how come the likes of you never appear on Ricky/Opera/Jessie James (or whatever she's called)???

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Sally Jessie Raphael

by Jessie In reply to Its a good cover..

People like us don't end up on those talk shows because it's not sensational viewing... producers of those shows think the viewing public doesn't want to see rational thinking people, they want to see people who's ideas make them say, "WTF!?!?! Where do they find these morons?!?!"

And I have to give Kudos to Oprah... she's MOSTLY gotten away from the morons... you see much more inspiration on her show than you do on the others.

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you know..

by maecuff In reply to Its a good cover..

I agree that it doesn't compare with Depeche Mode, but I think it is the difference between the two that I like. Kinda like his "Sweet Dreams" remake.

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Changes the meaning of the song when he does it

by jdclyde In reply to you know..

If you listen to the two versions, it is like saying one thing that can mean two completely different things.

The Sweet dreams is much better than the original monotone version.

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quite a few remakes

by jdclyde In reply to What maecuff said...

A bud of mine gets into this, so I have been exposed to it for a while. Also saw him at Ozzfest a few years back. "Different" seems to describe him well.

But he has done a few remakes, and some I think he actually improved them.

As for corrupting our youth, when you try to turn us into a godless society with no standards of morality and no judgements against what is right or wrong, you get this.

Note, compaired to some of the stuff out there, he is rather mild. He is just the one you hear about. Was suprised that the latest version of Metal is "Hate Metal". Real cute.

Note 2: after hearing his music and seeing him live, I can honestly say that I have never been convicted of brutally killing anyone.

Rock on.

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I'm a C&W fan myself...

by Jessie In reply to Marylin Manson

And while I don't care for Marilyn Manson's music, he does strike me as an intelligent fellow... as long as I'm not looking directly at him.

Stable "grounded" individuals are not incited to violence through music, books, television, or their so-called friends. Parents who pay attention to their children longer than the time it takes to beat them... or drop them off at soccer practice, know the mental status of their children. Marilyn Manson's music takes a certain level of maturity... I wouldn't let my 6 year old listen to it, nor my 13 year old with ADD... People who have trouble controlling their impulses don't need any NEW voices in their heads telling them what to do.

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My idea of country music

by jdclyde In reply to I'm a C&W fan myself...

is Metallica on a back road. THAT is country music for you.

With all the "colorful" images that get drawn for us in "RAP" (aledged) music, it makes Manson look well adjusted.

He doesn't talk about punching your ho so she won't be able to have your baby.

Much on the surface is dark and anti-religion, anti everything. I think he is more telling people that actually listen, to quit listening to people and think for yourself.

By the way, love the chrome plated teeth. Bet his toothpaste tastes like $hit.

Now lets get together and play some Black Sabbath backwards on our turntables. (oh crap, did I just date myself there or what?)

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This has been going on forever

by maecuff In reply to My idea of country music

Some of the pop songs from back in the 50's were extremely misogynistic. And the blues from the 30's and 40's (which were blatantly ripped off by the Stones, Led Zepplin, The Doors, etc), were mostly about sex. Even the term Rock and Roll was originally a euphamism for sex.

And as far as 'dating' yourself, well, most people 'date' themselves from time to time, but I'm not sure this forum is really the most appropriate place to talk about it. :)

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