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Massacre in Omaha

By Tig2 ·

By now, you have heard about the tragic shooting in an Omaha shopping mall. The gunman killed 8 and then took his own life in an act so senseless that I have difficulty even thinking about it.

By now, we know much more about the perpetrator. And in some respects, it seems to me that we have stopped talking about the issues that pushed this person to commit these acts or the act itself and are immersing ourselves in the "dirty laundry" aspects. More sensationalism of something that should NEVER be sensationalised.

What in the world are we doing to ourselves from a societal viewpoint by continuing to go for the sensational and not call out a few points? I want someone to stand up and say, "It's not nice to murder people!" "This is wrong and we aren't going to tolerate it". Anything! But what we get are the endless reports that have now provided me with enough information to write the kid's biography. Evidently, no one gave him enough information to know that this would not be a good thing.

I am Christian enough that my first reaction is to pray- not only for the victims, but the perpetrator. Whether you agree with that or not is really none of my business. But I am human enough to ask myself WHY massacre murder is becoming a trend?

In the kid's sick mind, this was his best path to fame. Why to we foster that kind of thinking by sensationalising tragedy?

I don't get it.

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Could be because it helps to increase Advertising Fees in the Media

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Massacre in Omaha

No I don't agree with it either but unfortunately it's a fact of life. The Media is only interested in increasing Income from what they pass off as the NEWS.

Personally I'm sick & tired at what passes for News in the Main Stream Media so I'm boycotting it and advising everyone that I know to do the same.


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This is not the first time

by Michael Jay In reply to Massacre in Omaha

nor will it be the last, why people fly off the loose end and kill people will probably never be understood.

I only wish that if they have such problems that they would cut out the crap and just kill themselves, no need to involve so many other lives.

Each person that was killed had many that loved them, for sure a mother and father, a lover, a friend, people that cared about them and now they are lost. And I am lost as to how to prevent such crazyness if that is even a word.

I really do not believe that there is any way to stop this kind of madness because people just have issues that they cannot resolve other than to take it out on others..

It truly breaks my heart that these things happen, does anyone have any answer..

You could ban guns..
that has been tried and does not work
because guns are easy to get.

I only wish that we could get better people, people who care, people who love. No more.. Please no more senseless killing..

May be just a dream, a dream I want to come true..

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In cases like this one (and many others, unfortunately)

by NickNielsen In reply to Massacre in Omaha

I firmly believe the perpetrator should not be identified by name, but should be described as the "murderer," "killer," "perpetrator," "sicko," "wacko," or other words that will describe his role, but not identify him.

Generally, one justification the people who do this kind of thing use is the "fame" they receive in posthumous name recognition. Stop mentioning the name, there's no fame, eliminating one possible reason for doing this kind of sick thing. Will it work? I have no idea, but I find it interesting that the frequency of this type of tragedy appears to have increased with the number of "news" channels and the amount of coverage each incident receives.

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bad link

by Jaqui In reply to Massacre in Omaha

abc won't let me see the story, because I'm in Canada.
go figure, I could watch the live broadcast of it, on ABC on local cable service, but I can't see exactly the same video footage on their website.

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And more

by Michael Jay In reply to Massacre in Omaha

this kinda thing is just so sick and I even hate to put it out here but you will see it sooner or later.

Put up the broken heart icon..,2933,316263,00.html

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I see two main issues here, one is the media

by DadsPad In reply to Massacre in Omaha

The media is pretty much covered why they are to blame. The media will do this kind of coverage as long as people watch it and they can base revenue on it. I am with Col on this, I just don't watch it.

The other is with parents and other adults not recognizing mental problems with these kids. I see a lot of parents whose children can do no wrong. I believe others are just blind that their little kid could be disturbed, even thought the signs are there.

I would like both of these problem solved. I hate to lose any life. I think suicide is such a waste of life (under most circumstances).

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Too many incompetent "journalists."

by Absolutely In reply to Massacre in Omaha

They also believe that all computer criminals are called "hackers." Like the mass-murderer, they write for notoriety, not for the sake of communicating any ideas important enough to be worth communicating, without the notoriety.

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"The Media is the Message"

by deepsand In reply to Massacre in Omaha

Which is cause, and which effect?

I submit that it is not man's propensity to kill that is waxing, but rather that of the "press" to give undue cover to such.

Marshall McClune recognized that some 43 years ago.

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Marshall who?

by NickNielsen In reply to "[i]The Media is the Mess ...
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Bzzzt try again

by JamesRL In reply to Marshall who?

Even with the website, you still get it wrong....




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