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    Max message level has been reached.


    by onbliss ·

    When Max message level has been reached, is it possible to have a button “Post Reply to Parent” or “Post Reply at Parent Level” so that we can just click that to add a reply? Now, we have to select the parent post and then click the post reply button.

    I know this is just a matter of convenience for me, just thought I will ask if it was easily possible.

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      I sure hope its possible

      by av . ·

      In reply to Max message level has been reached.

      That would be a great convenience. I hate seeing that message. Maybe they can stop the message from showing and just post it to the parent automatically if it reaches the maximum message level.

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        It’s a great idea…

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to I sure hope its possible

        but the message that you are at max depth helps you title your post so it is easily followed.

        the max level threading is only organised by post time / date, so your own comment may not be directly below the post you are commenting on. This is where the post title will help track specific debates.

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          Thats true

          by av . ·

          In reply to It’s a great idea…

          A definite down side to eliminating the max depth message.

          It could work if the post title had a reference to the post you were responding to, as you say. Maybe the system can do that instead of us?

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          the problem is,

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Thats true

          which of the max level posts are you replying to?
          or is it the parent of all the max level posts?

          they could use the messageID in the discussion to see where you were last reading before replying, but what if you are replying to multiple max lavel posts in one?

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          I’m replying to the post I clicked on, not the parent

          by av . ·

          In reply to the problem is,

          It would still be posted under the parent though. Maybe it could say “Reply to and the title of the poster’s post (that sounds a little silly). That would show in the title of the reply post. Your name and the date would also be included. Then you would know which post it referred to and you wouldn’t have to be mindful of how you name your post.

          I know, the field is probably limited, but could the concept work? Could the system provide enough information to take the place of me saying “Jaqui, blah blah blah” by doing that?

          If you’re replying to everyone that got the max message reached message, than you would just post under the parent.

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          As long as the system will post to the parent

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to I’m replying to the post I clicked on, not the parent

          it will be a lot easier for most of us. At present many of us have to leave open the message we are replying to and also open the parent so that we can click the ‘Reply To’ button. Then we type the reply. I, like many others, will add something to the title to indicate which max level reply. For example In another thread at the moment I have several max levels responses that start with “Hey ….” as the title in response to another max level post. Most of us seem to udnerstand the linkages despite extra posts in between.

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      May I add my weight to this request, please, pretty please

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Max message level has been reached.

      thank you

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      “Max level reached” is the problem

      by techexec2 ·

      In reply to Max message level has been reached.

      The “max level reached” thing is a fundamental design problem for this website (no offense). My guess is that “max level reached” was created to “fix” a problem in trying to display conversations that require a lot of indenting because of deep nesting.

      If the site is going to allow two dimensional conversations, it needs to not place an arbitrary limit on how far in the horizontal direction the conversation is allowed to go. There should not be a “max level reached” at all.

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        Well, the right column has something to say about that

        by Jay Garmon ·

        In reply to “Max level reached” is the problem

        We HAVE to have a right column–for ad pruposes, unfortunately, and because we have to comply to certain design standards for our network (same thing, really)–so there’s no escaping a max message level. We are trying to make it easier to handle, though.

        In our defense, I have dealt with tree-structure posting with no max level, and you end up creating pages the horizontally scroll FOREVER, because the tangent conversations can become petty, personal back-and-forths that literally walk off the right side of the page. Our method isn’t perfect, but it does temper some of the more indulgent off-topic blathering.

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          It’s not easy to make a site like this work really well

          by techexec2 ·

          In reply to Well, the right column has something to say about that

          Again, no offense intended. It’s not easy to find the “right” balance for something like this.

          The two-dimensional approach invites off-topic responses. It makes a single topic easily splintered into many topics and personal conversations much like multiple conversations in a room full of people would. This is both a strength and a weakness. I suggest that if the site is going to provide two-dimensional topics and splintering, it should do so with gusto and do it without limitation. Creating this structure and then adding a brick wall with the “max message level” is a mistake. One idea would be to put the 2-dimensional tree in a fixed-width 2-way scrolling IFRAME so you can keep the ads visible on the right.

          The way handles comments is interesting. The community promotes the “good” ones and censors the “bad” ones with a single click. When a comment gets enough bad clicks, the site will hide it (can be re-displayed). Of course, this gives editorial control of the site to the visitors. But, since the visitors are providing the content, it is natural for this to be the case.

          It takes a lot of work to get a site like this to work really well.

          If the comments to an initial post were one-dimensional, it would tend to keep them on the original topic, responding more to the original poster and original topic. Of course, this is a radical change that will destroy the way the site currently works. It will greatly reduce site traffic and value to advertisers.

          All the best to you…

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      Coming this fall…

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to Max message level has been reached.

      I realize this refrain is getting a little tired by now, but this bug is on the the list of items addressed in the revamped version of TechRepublic that will launch in the fall. I’m working on getting it fixed before then, but rest assured, it is getting fixed. Before the holidays. Well, before Christmas. This year, at least. Probably.

      Seriously, we ARE working on it. It WILL get fixed, sooner rather than later.

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      My solution has been

      by old guy ·

      In reply to Max message level has been reached.

      to open the Discussion in a second page so I can see the post I’m replying to. That way I can toggle between my reply and the post I’m replying to. It’s not hard.

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        by onbliss ·

        In reply to My solution has been

        I do something similar. I type my reply in notepad and then copy+paste it.

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        I do the same thing.

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to My solution has been

        Although I would like to see that step solutioned differently.

        I like Onbliss’ idea of being able to “post to parent”. This way the poster knows that they are at max level and may correctly title their post while keeping the post being replied to visible without having to keep two windows open.

        Just my $0.02

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          It would be really

          by old guy ·

          In reply to I do the same thing.

          good to be able to do that. But, it’s not something I spend too much time on, especially since it’s free. Now, if I had to pay for this that would be different. 🙂

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