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MAX, you're driving me nuts!

By jdclyde ·
Going back and editing old posts, and they show up in the "posts by my contacts" list. I go there and have to wonder just what are you up to?

Cease and desist!

Visting EL was the greatest of your crimes, and it may move you down one more level on Dantes list!

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one level?

by Jaqui In reply to MAX, you're driving me nu ...

it guarantees him the ninth level of ****

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It is good to see

by jdclyde In reply to one level?

you revisit that avitar, although it really should be reserved for Fridays!

As for Max, your right. A one level bump just isn't going to be enough!

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And there is no

by maecuff In reply to one level?

patio furniture in the ninth level. Only Paul Anka singing the hits.

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That would be "Max you're driving me nuts"

by JamesRL In reply to MAX, you're driving me nu ...

Your is a possesive (your car), whereas I believe you meant the contraction of you are which is you're.

Anytime, no need to thank me.


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by onbliss In reply to That would be "Max you're ... is now going to be "James, you are driving JD nuts" :-)

Edite: Added the necessary comma.

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Either way, it

by Old Guy In reply to Actually....

may be a short trip. :) It is for me anyway. :)

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It is only fair

by JamesRL In reply to Actually....

I've made Max nuts enough lately, it is time JD got his share.


Edited for grammer in title - thank you real Tigger Two.

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Umm, James???

by Tig2 In reply to It is only fair

Shouldn't that be "It's only fair"? As in the contracted form of "it is"?

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by JamesRL In reply to Umm, James???

I never claimed I was always perfect.

I just found it ironic to se it at the start of a thread, give "10 Flagrant Grammar Mistakes" is still a hot thread.


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I did not want to say it there...

by onbliss In reply to Absolutely

...but I can hardly imagine how grammar mistakes make one appear or become Stupid.

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