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By garydevos ·
My AV program tells me I have an old version of anti-virus software. Whenever I try to update it, I am told it is up-to-date and the website itself keeps coming up as "cannot find server" regardless to amy link to it. I am running XP Pro on an AMD Athlon 1.2 gig processor. Am I the only one out there with this problem or is McAfee a sell only no support software? I believe that I threw my money to the wind and am going to switch to Norton. Any thoughts out there on this?

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by LMon In reply to McAfee Security Centre

How long ago did you purchase your virus scanner. You must renew it if it is older than a year or upgrade the one you have. You can't upgrade 7.x or lower you can only upgrade or renew on 8.0 or higher. If this is for your home and not your business I would recommend you get AVG from grisoft it's free and you get virus file updates. The standard license is for 2 years and free tech support.

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by garydevos In reply to
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by Walkerxp92 In reply to McAfee Security Centre

UNINSTALL McAfee too many problems!!!

I wouldn't waste the time on buying another antivirus software... Go to and download the free version of AVG it is very good... I have had to put the free version of AVG on systems that have mcafee and norton because mcafee and norton neither one picked up the virus...

it works wonders and is very user friendly, and just like any antivirus software make sure you keep it up to date...

oh and it isn't just at trial version it is free for good

Oh and also if you do really want to purchase antivirus and you like the AVG you can buy their their 7.0 version and it is even better... but the free version has never let me down, and I have had to use it on many many many computers

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by garydevos In reply to
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by rindi1 In reply to McAfee Security Centre

Maybe you have more than one installations of mcAfee on your PC. Try to uninstall the Software, then check if there is still some rest of it somewhere. If yes, do another uninstall. Once you've cleaned your system from mcAfee you can try to reinstall it and run the updates.

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by garydevos In reply to
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by BobHo In reply to McAfee Security Centre

It might simply be that there is a newer version of the software out there than the one you are using. Check your version and then go to McAfee's site to see what the latest version they are selling is. If they have a newer version then they are simply trying to get you to buy it. By using your Update feature you are only updating your virus definition files (not the application itself). It doesn't mean that your version isn't working or that you are unprotected. If there is a newer version it might have different features than your version (that you might or might not need). My anti-virus is from 2002 and the virus definition files are updated regularly. There are newer versions of the application but I don't have any need to purchase a newer version so I don't.



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by garydevos In reply to
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by garydevos In reply to McAfee Security Centre

Thanks people for your help and suggestions. The software was installed within the last 6 months of when I posed the question. I installed it also on my Windows 98 platform machine and there it updates without any problems. Since then I have removed it and am running Norton System Works. It has been doing an excellent job for.

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by pierrejamme In reply to McAfee Security Centre

It is my belief that yo have a virus. Most of which these days cause your Av to act like this. You may see the little icon on your tray but it isn't really scanning or rejecting viruses. you may have opened an attachment before Mcafee had a DAT file for it, or you may have been negligent in updating. If you use dialup, this is painfully slow and understandable why you wouldn't stay current.
If you have XP or Millenium, it has a System Restore:
You need to disable systen restore before removals tools will work.

Turn off System Restore:

Click Start > right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
Click the System Restore tab.
Select the "Turn off System Restore" check box and then click OK.
Click Yes when you receive the prompt to the turn off System Restore.

When you reboot, the system restore won't replace the automatically backed up file and reinfect you.

A good program to use if your Windows Viruscanner is compromised is either NOD32 for DOS trial at:
Or Mcafee's Stinger at:
After you are virus free then attack SpyWare.
For the Spyware/Malware the two best Free scanners are AdAware SE at:
And Spybot Search & Destroy version 1.3 at:
After Installing each check for updates before proceeding. Both have several cool tricks, Adaware has a custom search that can search your Hosts file and your archived files as well. SPpybot S&amp has an new program called Teatime that doesn't install by default you have to check the box when you are installing. SPybot S&amp also has an Immunization program.

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