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Media At It Again...

By rkuhn ·
What's up with this title from the AP:

"Tonga Given No Tsunami Warning After Quake"

Well, actually if you read the article, the warning was sent and they just didn't receive it due to a power outage.

So, not given now equals not received?

Funny, I heard it on Fox News within minutes of it happening. I guess they don't watch Fox or have any batteries?

My guess is this will somehow be blamed on the West, specifically the United States and then somehow George Bush.

Cause us Americans are just so evil, aren't we?

It's our fault they don't have any battery backup systems or generators, I guess.

And even if they did, it happened at 4am or so. What are the odds of evecuating a population that is mostly asleep?

I know of several TR members from NZ and Australia. What do you think? Did you hear about this in time?

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Sorry I can't help you on that one

by jardinier In reply to Media At It Again...

But I am an unusual person. I don't listen to radio, I vigorously avoid prime time TV newscasts, and I only read the newspapers online when I have nothing better to do.

When you start a discussion based on a news story, it is customary to give a link to the story so that it can be read in full and in context.

I think you are over-reacting to postulate that this event -- whatever it was as you have not posted either the story or a link -- will be blamed on either America or George Bush.

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Whoops !

by jardinier In reply to Media At It Again...

I should have checked my email more closely. The story arrived from an online Sydney newspaper to which I subscribe for news alerts at:

05/04/06 7:48:35 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time

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