Meeting request e-mails with no Buttons

By normc ·
When recieving a meeting request from a certain individual I do not get the prompts to accept, decline, etc. It just comes through as a regular e-mail with no options.

How can I correct this.

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Are you in the same domain?

by daveo2000 In reply to Meeting request e-mails w ...

Are you and the other individual using the same software? For instance, are you both using MS Exchange? The same version? Are you all in the same company in the same domain?

What makes this one user different from the users that you can accept meetings from? Conversely, what makes you different to that one user that isn't different from you to the other users?

More Input.

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by normc In reply to Are you in the same domai ...

We are in different companies. One of us is using Outlook 2000 and the other is using Outlook 2003. Other than that I don't know what the differences are. I have not encountered this before. Do you know are there issues with the different versions communicating when it comes to scheduling appointments?

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I have a question out to a friend of mine...

by daveo2000 In reply to Differences

but he hasn't responded back yet. However, I would not be surprised to learn that different versions of Exchange Servers might not play nice together on some features. You might want to find out what version of Exchange the various folks are using to see if that might be at the base of this.

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I am having the same issue

by cparrill In reply to I have a question out to ...

We are using exchange 2003 and when messages go out to other companies using outlook they dont get any buttons.

I have one user in my building that says that users he sends meeting invites to get the buttons, but I can find no settings on his that are different than any of the rest of us.

Thanks for helping us look into this issue.


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This is an exchange server issue

by ben.ellsworth In reply to I am having the same issu ...

Most likely this is an issue with the configuration of either your or their SMTP connector on the Exchange servers. There are also a few options you can set in Outlook to try and work around it.
Check out the following KB's:

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We have Same Problem--MS thinks is the BlackBerry

by txuj_ci_tshiab In reply to Meeting request e-mails w ...

We have the same issue with certain domain organization. Works fine with most other organizations. When certain org send Meet Request, all users get NO Accept/Decline buttons. Contacted Microsoft, paid $289, phone support... 2 hours later...they think:

BlackBerry Ent. Manager
SMTP settings on the Exchange 2003 SP2.

No real answer yet but will post when do...

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FIXED!- Problem FOUND!!

by txuj_ci_tshiab In reply to Meeting request e-mails w ...

YES, It is known problem to the MESSAGELAB people. So if you have Messagelab as your 3rd party spam filter you NEED TO DISABLE THE BANNER. This is true for email coming into your network using Exchange 2007.

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