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Member comments needed: Fixing Tech Q&A

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Technical Q&A is one of TechRepublic's most popular features, but it has a few flaws. While the TR staff is planning on addressing most of them, we'd like some feedback on handling one central issue:

Closing Q&A questions--how do we get members to do it?

Members are dying to know if the answers they provide in Tech Q&A are effective, and the only way to be sure is if the original poster closes and rates the original question, preferably with comments. We need a simple, effective way to encourage this behavior.

We're open to suggestions. Let us know what you think.

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How about

by TonytheTiger In reply to Member comments needed: F ...

Only allowing one open question at a time?

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by jmgarvin In reply to How about

Autoclosing questions that have been open for more than 30 days and not letting the question asker post another for a "time-out" period.

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a big one

by Jaqui In reply to Member comments needed: F ...

do something to stop this type of abuse:

3 answers ( one posted 4 times )
question closed,
not one answer rated at all.

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closing questions

by mjd420nova In reply to a big one

I had some trouble rating and closing my
question, mainly due to a strange occurance
of a phishing (I think anyway) reply to my e-mail
that said it was closed and them described
a totally different question and answer. I
was able to close but not rate the one answer I got that was posted on TR.

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Ug, I hate that!

by jmgarvin In reply to a big one

I think the TQ&A should FORCE a rating at close. Even if it is rejection, that would be fine. Just close the question and give the points or not...I hate it when it isn't rated.

I also hate it when I am rejected because the poster won't RTFM. If I post a link to the manual and tell them it is in there, why do I get rejected? I think I've even linked directly to the answer in the manual and been rejected.

I also think that community police will help. If members mention that there is an issue with TQ&A thread x, than someone can check it out and perhaps do something about it.

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oh, I agree

by Jaqui In reply to Ug, I hate that!

but I hadn't checked the tq&a in my list for a bit, saw that one closed and went to look at it.

seems a perfect example of an issue that needs addressing. :)

tr could easily make it so that at least one answer has to be rated before the question is closed.
or force it to remain open until every answer has been rated, and one accepted.

after all, the answers in that question all said the same thing, so either reject them all or accept them all. it just means that that particular peer will not get many answers from me anymore. they abuse the system.

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double points for forced close

by jdclyde In reply to Ug, I hate that!

also the member should receive a nasty gram from TR notifying them that it is proper to follow through on all questions posted on this site.

People like the nominiation for wanker of the week should have all access revoked!

Look at the game "he" has been playing with points. 2 to 5 K offered and NEVER has this clown awarded ANYTHING. 20 posts and all are making this the scum of TR.

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by Jaqui In reply to double points for forced ...

he did award points..once

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This one was the worst

by zaferus In reply to a big one

Sgt_shultz posted 50,000 points for an answer and then closed it out without awarding points with a lame duck excuse. I may be a little biased here because I was the one jilted, and I admit I wasn't too happy about it.

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or another thing to try to stop..

by Jaqui In reply to Member comments needed: F ...

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