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Member feedback needed: Do "Booth babes" belong on TR?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
As part of our E3 coverage, TR ran some photo galleries featuring pictures of scantily clad promotional "booth babes."

These photos roused a bit of reaction from our audience, some of it positive, some negative.

TR is also experimenting with some off-topic "Geekend" coverage, which intends to take a lighthearted look at tech. Some of this content--most of which I am personally responsible for selecting and promoting--has been a bit on the risque side. This too has prompted some impassioned responses, some positive, some negative.

My question is this: How far is too far when selecting off-topic content for TechRepublic?

Is this just a question of labelling, where problems arise after off-topic content finds its way onto TR's serious side. There were complaints of this nature after we promoted a joke thread in our main, serious newsletter:

Or, is this a question of degree? Can we point to some off-color content--with appropriate warnings--but simply avoid including it on any of our own pages? For example, this Linux Demotivator gallery received no complaints when I simply linked to it in my blog...

...but the reactions got much stronger when we reposted most of the images to one of our wiki pages:

Or should TR shy away from off-color content altogether--even in our Geekend area--and err on the side of utmost caution when it comes programming non-traditional items on any of our pages?

I'm putting this issue to our community. Please share your opinion in this thread. I guarantee that it will have a direct impact on our future progamming decisions.


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As someone once called me...

by JamesRL In reply to Member feedback needed: D ...

..."the conciense of TR", I feel I must respond.

I admit I read the booth babes pages. The newsworthy part of it that enticed me to read it was the real news story that E3 had enstated rules about what booth babes could wear. (yes really).

I think that posting pics of booth babes without a news story behind it is frankly not a worthwhile endevour. If I want that kind of thing, I can avail myself of numerous resources to find it (Maxim et al), and it doesn't "jive" with the implied mission of Tech Republic. But since there was a news story about software companies and how they market involved, I can look at the pics in context and appreciate them as a suppliment to the article.

As to the joke thread, I do think many people over-reacted but its probably not a bad idea to either label it correctly in the newsletter or not include it at all.


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totally agree

by rob mekel In reply to As someone once called me ...

Except for the first paragraph/title.

Tagging postings or articles correctly is a good thing to do. Special if TR-employees are involved as writer/editor or as publisher on TR.


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In my opinion,

by Jaqui In reply to Member feedback needed: D ...

( which counts for not much, I know )
keep doing it the way you have been.
You have not posted anything extreme, or pornographic, so don't worry about the brainwashed "plastic populous" that don't like itemsd such as the booth babes.

heck, I might say opposite, if you were posting things like I have seen posted on Adult ART sites...

I was actually the moderator for such a gallery, the one that had the most controversial images posted in it. The same rule I used there applies:

If you don't like items like that, don't look at them.

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Keep posting off-colour content

by DugaDugDug In reply to Member feedback needed: D ...

Appropriate disclaimer at the beginning of such articles should suffice. People can and will get offended by anything however people have choices especially if a disclaimer is shown beforehand. Should they choose to read it after seeing the disclaimer, any offence taken is of their own doing.

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RE: Questionable content

by Old Guy In reply to Member feedback needed: D ...

There have been several times I've started into a Discussion to find most of the humor (humour) or posts rather offensive. As soon as I realized that Discussion was going to be primarily offensive I closed it out and didn't go back. As far as the Booth Babes I agree with JamesRL posting pics like that just for the sake of the pics is probably not the best idea for a site however, once again, I can choose not to look at them.

It would be very good to have a disclaimer/warning about such content. And, if you question whether it might cause some concern then you should definitely put a warning in the Title.

This forum is for adults and although I don't particularly like or appreciate what some "adults" think is cute or funny if I have a heads up in the title then I wouldn't open the discussion but just pass it on by.

Now that I have been around as long as I have I can pretty much know when the Friday Yuks are going to be really off color (colour) by the primary posters and will usually go on by. But I would still like the disclaimer/warnings when the content might be questionable.

Thanks for asking.

Edited to change to color.

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In My Opinion

by Tig2 In reply to Member feedback needed: D ...

One of the things that I value about this site is that I can find such a wide variety of content in one place. I can have a discussion regarding project management principles in one thread and in the next discuss the value of a newly devised word- can you use factopinguess in a sentence? I can!

It is unfortunate that a joke was inadvertantly posted in a Tech Note. The **** up that followed was a tad over the top. That kind of thing could have been avoided had the joke been labled properly- information that I think we all came away with.

It has occurred to me once or twice that some guidelines should be published for new posters. That said, as an adult, I don't feel a need to have my hand held.

If I run into subject matter that I find objectionable, I do not read it. There is a post out there now that falls into that category. I ignore that thread. Eventually, it will go away. The same can be said for images. Frankly scantily clad women do not interest me but I am not the conscience for TR. They are likely to be appealing to someone else.

The bottom line? There is no way to plaese EVERYONE. Start by pleasing yourselves. Near as I can tell, TR has an editorial policy that they adhere to. But only insofar as you can control it. The peers provide a great deal of content. It is up to us to consider the spirit of the site.

I for one would hate to see TR change to such an extent that we cannot have the miscellaneous content as well as the technical.

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by maecuff In reply to In My Opinion

Don't you know that 'pleasing yourself' causes blindness?? :)

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Gee, they told that to the girls too?? Well whaddayaknow!!! :^0

by sleepin'dawg In reply to TT
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Of course..

by maecuff In reply to Gee, they told that to th ...

you guys don't get to have all the fun..

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But Mae

by Tig2 In reply to TT

Only until I needed glasses!

No, really!

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