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Member JMGARVIN 'owns' Linux tag

By Beth Blakely ·


This week's Blog Roundup features several bloggers who are not only
embracing TechRepublic's new blog feature but adding tags, as well. Our
star player is JMGARVIN, whose use of the Linux tag really helps
illustrate the usefulness of tags on TR. Thanks, jmgarvin!

What's so great about tags? First, they help you to categorize your
thoughts. Secondly, they help other members find posts that are
relevant to them, thus increasing the readership of your blog.

Further, we've launched a new page that aggregates different content
types that members can tag, providing a more holistic view of related
community items on the site. Check out the security tag and click on
the Links, Discussions, and People tabs to find relevant content and
other TR members who are interested in security.



If you've used the Linux tag recently, you know that JMGARVIN owns it in
the blog space right now. He's used his blog, Linux, Security, and
Firewall Musings, to provide tutorials including "Introduction to
IPtables and Bash Scripting," and "Bastille Linux."

* Introduction to IPtables**7&messageID=1778601&id=4093177

* Bastille Linux**7&messageID=1797307&id=4093177

NARENDRN has created a blog called Naren Cool Geek - Tips on .NET and
Java development. Posts include items like, "What is FCAPs in network
management?" where he provides details about the ISO model.

According to CNET's own PETER SPANDE, TechRepublic members are
consuming security solutions from smaller, newer vendors who have a
better grasp on hot issues like spyware and compliance. In his blog,
Walking a fine line, Spande talks about why members are willing to take
risks with fledgling companies and how larger vendors are trying to
combat that trend.

Member STEPHENMORIARTY, a "lowly ex IT manager" who's dealing with
being swallowed up by a larger IT hierarchy, asks "Since when did IT
mean copier repair?" Apparently, he had to solve the very complicated
"Not ready to copy please remove original" error recently and it's got
him on the ropes.

Want to get the scoop on what's going on inside TechRepublic? If so,
check out "Why Tech Q&A is broken..." from our own TRIVIA GEEK. He
waxes poetic about the troubles with the Technical Q&A section of
TechRepublic in a continuation of his recent post, "What if we killed

* Why Tech Q&A is broken...

* What if we killed TechPoints?



Oliverc gets the blogger spotlight this week because he's doing a
bang-up job of finding great articles from other sites that will help
the TechRepublic audience. He's even using tags!

(He could be using our new Links feature to bookmark, tag, and share
these great resources with our members, but we're not here to nitpick,
right? Seriously, though, Links are cool. Check it out.)

As an example of Oliverc's fine blogging, consider his post "Windows
Program Startup Locations," where he provides the ten locations from
which Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT can automatically run
programs at system startup to help you track down and stop these
(sometimes) pesky launches.**2&messageID=179**08&id=3818977

Oliverc is a network administrator working in Reno, NV, according to
his profile. Add him to your list of Contacts today to keep up with his
blog posts!

* Oliverc's Profile

* Your list of Contacts



And speaking of contacts, I'd like to call your attention to JDCLYDE'S
recent blog post, "My Contact lists and how you get on them." He asks,
"Have you ever followed the 'Who considers me a contact' link to see
who DOES have you as a contact? Have you ever wondered HOW you got on
their list? Sometimes they will be people that have never posted on TR,
so you wonder just how they chose you to be a contact."

Well, jdclyde, maybe they really like your blog! You can use our
Contacts feature to help you stalk, er... we mean "monitor," the latest
posts and online activities of your favorite TechRepublic members.
Simply click the ADD TO MY CONTACTS link under any member's profile and
voila! You view all your contacts' blog posts on the main Blogs page.
You won't miss a post!



In Notes From The Vinman, the VINMAN himself asks, what are the biggest
pet peeves you have about your spouse?**9&id=2342063

Jck makes fun of radio dj Howard Stern's vocal abilities in a post
titled, "Joe Cocker should be glad he didn't ask me..."



What would you like to see in future editions of Blog Roundup? We love
to hear your feedback! If you find a helpful post or know of a blogger
who consistently provides you with great information, fixes, or
updates, please let us know! Just send us an e-mail. Please include a link
to the member's blog and a sentence or two about why you found it helpful.
(Please include "Blog Roundup" in your subject line.)

You may also post your suggestions in this discussion.

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I'm famous!

by jmgarvin In reply to Member JMGARVIN 'owns' Li ...

Not in the bad Oz way either ;-)

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by jdclyde In reply to I'm famous!

do we have to pay you a royalty if we use the XXXXX tag? WTF? It is blocked out if I don't pay up front? This is an outrage! May the hair on your toes turn gray!

(by the way, cool blogs!)

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The Linux tag is TMed to me!

by jmgarvin In reply to Wow!

To use it, I highly expect a nice cool frappachino or a nice warm chai in the winter. :-)

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by jdclyde In reply to The Linux tag is TMed to ...

My boys and I are tea and coffee drinkers, but we never have even heard of chai. (not a very diverse area I live in)

This sounds GREAT! Found a few sites with the recepies and can't wait to try them out!


(do I have to pay royalies for that too?) ;\

Collapse -

Probably have to pay royalties to Starbucks

by jmgarvin In reply to Chai

;-) If you want a taste of what chai is check out your local Starbucks.

Howevever, many local places will make a FAR better chai than they can.

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Over rated

by jdclyde In reply to Probably have to pay roya ...

I have gone to a few starbucks as well as bought their coffee to take home to try. Always thought it never lived up to the hype. Maybe it is just me. Doesn't matter either way.

I would much rather go to the local coffee shop and play chess with my boys than hit a starbucks. The local place (used to be my favorite bar in the early 90's) has many games on the tables and the boys like to both play me at the same time. It grates them that I still beat them both. (but they are learning quick because AS I smack them around I explain HOW I am smacking them around!)


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by Jaqui In reply to Probably have to pay roya ...

burnt coffee?!?!

starbucks doesn't serve any coffee worth drinking!!
( specially as dark roast causes major stomache pains for me and no starbucks is dark roast free )

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Your credit card will be billed

by stress junkie In reply to Wow!

I'm happy to say that TR will automatically bill you when you use The Tag.

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And I'll get a commission...

by Beth Blakely In reply to Your credit card will be ...

You like that? A little system I worked out. ;-)

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