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Member private BLOGS will dissapear

By Gunnar Klevedal ·
Got a mail from TR site manager.

TechRepublic Blogger:

As many of you know, we are preparing to launch a new version TechRepublic. This revamp brings a fresh new look-and-feel to the site as well as improvements to features and functionality.

The process of revamping the site forced us to make some tough decisions about which features we would support going forward. Unfortunately, our member blogging feature didn't make the cut. So, with the launch of the revamp, we will be changing our approach to blogging on TechRepublic. Instead of giving every member the option to blog individually, we will be building a dozen or so topical blogs that have multiple contributors.

Starting next week, member blogs will no longer be available on TechRepublic. THIS MEANS THAT YOUR BLOG POSTS WILL NO LONGER APPEAR ON THE SITE AFTER THE LAUNCH. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes; however, we feel that our new approach to blogging will better serve all of the members of TechRepublic.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Shawn Morton
Site Manager - TechRepublic, CNET Networks


Maybe this will be more effective and use up less storage, but I will miss your postings.

\Gunnar Klevedal

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The link below is STILL a good read

by OnTheRopes In reply to Member private BLOGS wil ...

Note to self: I should learn to follow good advice.

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Other Avenues of User Supplied Content

by Wayne M. In reply to Member private BLOGS wil ...

Given that user supplied content can still be provided through Articles, Downloads, Discussions, and Q&A, I do not see the disappearance of user blogs as a problem. I found the TR Blogs hard to find and many of the possibilities on the blog page have had no updates in months or years. I have not been able to identify any substantial difference bewteen the blog mechanism and the discussion mechanism, except that the discussions seem to be more likely to be viewed and commented upon.

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That sums up our argument nicely

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Other Avenues of User Sup ...

Basically, we miscalculated when we tried to get in the business of competing with LiveJournal and Blogger. TechRepublic can't be all things to all people. Heck, we can't be all things to all IT pros. Member blogging was never widely embraced, and we'd rather do a few things well (watch for a simplified and improved Tech Q&A) than several things only adequately. Don't be surprised if we redact a few other features and site quirks over the next several months.

For the whole rundown, check out this discussion:

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