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Memory Consumption

By dirtyratjim ·
My WIN_ME operating system eats my memory at 256K, so I thought why not double the memory? So I installed another 256K for a total 512K and still I get low resource messages!!!
What can I do?

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Memory Leak and limits

by TheChas In reply to Memory Consumption

You have a memory leak.

You can try the following:

Run AdAware from to identify and remove 'spyware' programs that are using up system resources.

Get and use a 'registry' cleaner.
I have used both Norton WinDoctor
and V-Com Fix-It

Reduce the number of programs that run at startup.
Every Icon in the system try represents lost resources.

Install a memory manager.

Unfortunately, the 'best' cure that I have found for memory leaks, is to format the hard drive, and re-install Windows.
Yes, it is a bit of work, but you will see a significant increase in performance.

Next, Windows 9X and Me have a memory bug.
All 3 can have problems with over 511MB of RAM installed.
This bug is VERY configuration dependant.
Basically, Windows can loose track of the first 512MB of RAM in a system with large amounts of RAM.


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by GuruOfDos In reply to Memory Leak and limits

and see how many background tasks are running!

How many of your programmes running in the system tray do yo actually 'need' every time you boot up your computer?

Tidy up your desktop! Icons on the desktop all use resources!

Resources are NOT the same as available memory!

If you have shortcuts on the desktop, of 'fast launch' icons in the system tray, remove them if there is an entry in the start menu. The fact that many programmes have more than one way to launch is responsible fora great deal of resource waste.

If you have apps or hardware running that you only use occasionally, such as a scanner or web-cam, contemplate creating hardware profiles.

If you are using Office, get rid of any fast start options from startup,and launch Word, Excel etc from their startmenu entries. All the Shortcut bars etc for this sort of program are all very nice and convenient, but boy, do they waste resources and slow your machine down!!

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Scrub your RAM

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL

After doing all that the guys above have suggested, you may have to get a program like Memturbo. All the Microsoft applications have a slight problem in that they have memory leakage, when the application is closed down it does NOT clean out the RAMthat had been assigned to it. Most of the Microsoft operating system don't cleanse the RAM to well, especially the cut down stuff like Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win XP Home.

Programs like Memturbo and Fastmem etc work by monitoring the RAM usage and when it hits a trigger amount it then queries each of the memory allocations and verifies if the applications is still in use. yes you lose a little as the program is memory resident, but overall you end up better as you reduce the crashes and generally the machine runs faster (it does slow down whilst cleansing). Memturbo has a trial version so you can try before you buy, as do most software of this type.

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