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Men Only, thank God...

By neilb@uk ·
Isn't it good of Smorty and co to keep most of the women out of Insiders.

It does keep it so peaceful.

I know we've Gadget and one or two others but what would happen if they let them ALL in?

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What about

by rob mekel In reply to Men Only, thank God...

party time, Neilb. :0 :)
To answer your question. :)


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OK, but

by neilb@uk In reply to What about

Some of us have to get some work done occasionally and with all those chattering women...

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No but !!

by rob mekel In reply to OK, but

Party time is party time. And y're right about the work that is to be done.
Well I do like the idea of the calendar the lady's wanna have.
I was just wondering what it would look like if we made it a mixed one. :0 or would that bring to much heat on :)


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Mixed calendar

by jardinier In reply to No but !!

Would that mean that the men's ****** inches (insert a number between 6 and 12) would have to compete with GG's DDs?

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Atta boy

by rob mekel In reply to Mixed calendar

You're getting the gripp :0


edited for typo

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Yes Rob

by jardinier In reply to Atta boy

I can hold my own in any situation. B-)

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bad image!!!!!!

by Jaqui In reply to Yes Rob

jules holding "his own" while skydiving.

jules holding "his own" while driving.

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I'll leave this one

by rob mekel In reply to Yes Rob

to others to finish. :0
THIS is not my thing, oh my, far from it.


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I should remind you all

by jardinier In reply to Yes Rob

that my surname is Hancock.

For four of my high school years, I attended a posh private school where most of the students were boarders.

If anyone cares to go down that precarious road, I will leave it to you to imagine some of the nicknames which were applied to me.

My mother's maiden name is Dunnicliff.
So what chance did I ever have of growing up pure minded?

[Edited for typo]

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Sky diving and driving ...

by jardinier In reply to Yes Rob

I could handle :^0 easily.

But certain circus acts, such as the flying trapeze, high wire and juggling would present some challenge.

I probably couldn't handle a job interview too well either. ]:)

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