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Merry Christmas: So What Did You Ask For?

By TomSal ·
Merry Christmas Everyone...I hope everyone has a great holiday season and that the new year is better than the last one in all ways.

So, just as a little curious "fun" -- what is everyone hoping to get for Christmas?

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Requested Gifts

by BFilmFan In reply to Merry Christmas: So What ...

I requested the following for the holidays:



Advanced order on DarkWatch (X-box game. Cowboys versus vampires in the Old West. 'Nuff said!)

Half-Life 2.

A Joe's Cartoon SupaFly doll. (Who can resist a doll that says, 'Who's you daddy? I'm yo daddy? Why?... [the rest of the comment is amended due to there being ladies that see these columns and comments!] In addition, the doll says, "You suck man!" which is always a good way to **** off steam at the end of a tense meeting..ha-ha.)

Spider Man 2 DVD.

Lord of the Rings Directors Cut with the "daddy is geeking again additional commentary by daughters" bonus options.

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HL2 is awesome

by TomSal In reply to Requested Gifts

I got the collectors edition of Half Life 2, completed after 2 1/2 weeks of pretty straight playing. Excellent game, in fact if you don't get it for Christmas I suggest picking up a copy for yourself -- its that good.

I have Halo 2 also, but didn't really put much time into it yet.

I asked for the new LOTR Rts game for the PC (forget the real name of it) and Pacific Assault.

Beyond that I too will likely get a bunch of socks and underwear and the seemingly standard sweater.


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Battle For Middle Earth

by Benjamin In reply to HL2 is awesome

Read your post and smiled. I wouldn't mind Half Life 2. It looks pretty awesome. I have LOTR Battle For Middle Earth and completely recommend asking for it for Christmas. It plays unlike any other RTS out there and your heros are those from the game. You can play good and evil campaigns. A lot of fun and endless play time! Legolas is the best hero I have had so far.

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I'll put my eye out

by piratetoolz In reply to Merry Christmas: So What ...

I asked for a rifle. My girlfriend seems to think that I will either put my eye out or cause a distrubance in the neighborhood. My response was "that's half the fun"...

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Tech stuff

by trockii In reply to Merry Christmas: So What ...

I asked for a Palm Pilot or Blackberry. Doubt I will get it. I'll have to settle for socks and underwear like all the rest of the years. lol

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Happy Holidays!

by Benjamin In reply to Tech stuff

Happy Holidays Everyone! I have asked for:

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB (unlikely but I asked)
X Box (more likely)
Fable & games if I get said X Box
warm socks (I hate cold feet)
New U2 CD

Beyond those material things I look forward to some time off with my wife and some quiet relaxation. I fancy a bit of hot chocolate, and long naps in my chair. : )


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Though I probably deserve coal...

by Salamander In reply to Merry Christmas: So What ...

...I've asked for a Devil Duck external drive. It's a flash drive embedded in a Satanic-looking rubber duck.

I would also like Santa to bring me some of those prohibitively-expensive, noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. If they work for airplane pilots, they might cancel some of the noise at work!

In reality, I'll probably wind up getting a nice selection of bath salts, mittens, and fuzzy sweaters. Sigh.

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by JamesRL In reply to Though I probably deserve ...

Bose has a reputation among audio engineers as promising big and charging big and not delivering. There are other noise cancelling phones out there that work at much less cost.


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by Salamander In reply to Bose

I have never bought anything before from Bose, so I will probably hang on to my money after hearing this. Thanks!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks...

Bose has a reputation of excellence at a price. For speakers they have a real niche with a few models, but most like the 901's etc can be duplicated in North America at a fraction of the cost. if you really want Euro speakers, Mission and Polk are fabulous for depth, dynamics and clarity!

For headphones I would suggest Sennheiser or AKG. Every studio I have EVER been in has nothing but AKG's , two models (known as Gold or Silver) depending on whether rock or classical.

The GOLD's (I think they are AKG 240's) are unvelievable for audio clarity but are merely a monitor and add no effect or color. The Silvers (forget the model #) are good for rock because they work with a higher crossover frequency.

I just bought a really cool MP3 player (with enormous ear buds for Dumbo) but got a pair of Senn's to compliment it, sweeeeeeet!!!

To give BOSE some credit though, the Bose Wave Radio cannot be beat. I've seen a few copies that don't even touch the surface of what Bose has done with their bidirectional systems.

Also their little 3" cube speakers will always get guests wondering how all the HUGE sound is coming from such tiny cubes, and a sub of course! :)

Sorry to jump in, but I sold high end audio for a few years and work in the music/recording industry so I am very passionate about studio quality sound.

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