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mgr wants list of all sftwe used in dept

By weerscs ·
Department head wants a list of all software loaded on computers in department in order to insure licenses; IT dept gave administrative privileges to all end users - anything & everything probably loaded; can't go thru network since it's administered by outside contractor; anyone have a script to run machine by machine in order to catalogue sftwe; any suggestions?

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by Dr Dij In reply to mgr wants list of all sft ...

tons of commercial software to do this, including I think offerings by major AV vendors.

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Google is your friend

by JamesRL In reply to mgr wants list of all sft ...

If you google Software audit you get a whole list.

I've used Belarc advisor on my person machine but its not licensed for commercial use - they have a commericial verion but it runs on a server.

E-Z audit looks inexpensive and there is a free trial

Many others....


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Network Inventory expert

by EthNick In reply to Google is your friend

Hi please look for Network Inventory Expert and try it out.The trial is fully enabled and it shoud hit your mark.
Theres also Network Asset Tracker but i havent compared the two yet .....

Good Luk

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