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    Michael Moore Prediction…..


    by packet spoofer ·

    I predict that as a result of post election depression….Michael Moore eats one more Krispy Kreme and finally finishes morphing into Jabba the Hut…..Gosh that guy is irritating!

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      He could wear a kilt!

      by protiusx ·

      In reply to Michael Moore Prediction…..

      Our British neighbors across the pond would love to have him over. He could put on a kilt and become a real life Fat Bastard!

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        He could also play the bagpipes

        by packet spoofer ·

        In reply to He could wear a kilt!

        Out of his fat…..well…you get the point…I would rather hear a donkey bray in a tin roof barn at midnight, rather than listen to that guy talk about soldiers that died in Iraq…”may they forgive us all someday” as their self appointed spokesman… I wonder how most of them would feel about having their death in this battle summed up and used for political purposes so shamelessly by a guy like that….

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        Then lost weight afterwards?

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to He could wear a kilt!

        I hate to see what he looked like if he then lost weight. Remember what Fat Bastard looked like at the end of the Goldmember, when he described what his neck looked like (description ommited for reasons of modesty).

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      My prediction

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Michael Moore Prediction…..

      He will always be fat, ugly, and repulsive, and he will soon fall out of favor with the even the leftist loonies.

      By the way, wouldn’t it make a great “documentary” to follow Michael Moore around with a band of cameras, recording his methods and tactics for all to see?

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        That would be great!

        by packet spoofer ·

        In reply to My prediction

        I would be first in line for that documentary…there is something refreshing seeing a protagonist get a dose of his own medicine!

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