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Micromanagement Covers Lack of Responsibility

By ntekkie ·
After reading the initial article and some of the discussions, things become clear as to why certain projects get placed on the shelf or never completed.

From what I have read and from personal experience, some PMs become involved in the project late. As a technical lead and support technician, I have had the displeasure of writing documentation and reports of progress for managers. It is displeasure because at the very beginning no input beyond the "big picture" is given to the team. The team is left to fill-in the details of how the "big picture" will become a new product or tool until management changes direction in the middle of it and people get terminated with no explanation as to why.

When you work on a successful project, you find that communication is the key from the very beginning. Once the "big picture" is given and scope has been explored, it is up to the team to inform the manager of their progress and get his/her input on the direction of the project. Quite often the manager relies on the team to manage themselves or the team relies on the manager to keep track of their progress and micromanagement becomes a tool to finger-point blame.

Knowing who is responsible for which task, establishing milestones and communication of support are key factors from the very beginning of a project. If any one of these steps is overlooked, potential for project **** increases.

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