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    Microsoft thats GOOD SERVICE


    by gbrownlee ·

    Late in the afternoon of Nov. 4, I called Microsoft Canada and ordered the SP3 disc for Office XP.

    Four business days later it was in my rural PO Box. The charge, absoluely nothing, not even shipping.

    I thought I would let the peers know about this to try and even the score sheet, just a little. It seems that bad news travels fast about MS and I thought I would spread a little good news about a company and product, that at times I feel is unfairly maligned. Its always easiest to blame someone else for our own short comings. The recent thread in Tech. Q&A blaming microsoft for XP SP2 being installed arbitrarily really takes the cake.


    ps. thanks again to sgt_shultz and dmiles for the links

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      My favorite

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Microsoft thats GOOD SERVICE

      Back in the early 90s, before MS Canada outsourced its help desk, the company I was with spent millions of dollars to acquire the rights to put MS Office on every desk in the company.

      I ran into an issue I could not resolve, and called the MS Canada help desk to see if I could get some information – this was before you could go browsing the website remember.

      I called and got a recording. It said the help desk was unavailable that afternoon because they were taking a course in how to provide better customer service. I mumbled to myself, I know how you can provide better service – answer the phone.


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      You know why though

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Microsoft thats GOOD SERVICE

      In the title, Microsoft [b]Canada[/b] of course it’s better, what’d you expect?

      Actually I do think that service is beter up here though, I have had to deal with many companies on both sides of the border (and overseas) and Canadian support is so easy to deal with, they just love making people happy at the company’s expense.

      But as far as Microsoft becoming a decent company to conduct busines with, well….I have one kneecap that faces backwards and one forwards and I can walk just fine too. :p

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