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--Microsoft Denies IE Security Bypass Flaw

By Jaqui ·
--Microsoft Denies IE Security Bypass Flaw
(14 January 2005)
According to information posted on the Internet by a researcher, a
vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer could be remotely exploited
to bypass security warnings and download malicious content. There is
not yet a patch for the flaw, and as yet, no exploit code to take
advantage of it has been detected. The flaw affects IE 6.0.0, including
the fixes for IE contained in Windows XP SP2. Microsoft maintains that
the claims are false.,4814,98969,00.html

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Is this the one your talking about???

by dafe2 In reply to --Microsoft Denies IE Sec ...,39024655,3**26081,00.htm

I couldn't get to the article you pointed out (without registering)

Anyway, I find it a little 'retarded' to still be dithering over a security issue 2 months after it was reported.

So is it or isn't it LOL

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not true, but believable

by apotheon In reply to --Microsoft Denies IE Sec ...

If I didn't know the site was a purveyor of satire, and if the Microsoft official reactions were more carefully crafted, I might have actually believed this. That's a pretty sad statement about Microsoft's approach to security. In any case, this is hilarious. It is today's "apotheonic recommended reading".

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by dafe2 In reply to not true, but believable

Whheeeew.............I needed that today LOL

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