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Microsoft Driver Updates for Windows ME

By nicki.ansdale ·
Have twice now tried downloading the following recommended drivers from Microsoft Updates (1) Pctel Wdm-modem Driver Version 8.00.0026 (2) Pctel Modem Driver Version 8.00.0012 (3) Nvidia Display Driver Version and have experienced such greatproblems with my p.c. subsequently (hanging both online and off) that in the end I have had to resort to restoring my computer to "factory level" as even PowerQuest SecondChance failed to restore my system to working order.

Any comments/suggestions most welcome! Am I the only one to have experienced these problems?

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Update driver problems

by TheChas In reply to Microsoft Driver Updates ...

I have even seen Windows Update install drivers for hardware that is not part of the PC.

When Windows Update suggests that I install a new driver, I go to the hardware mfgs web site, and download the driver direct from them.

Not only do they seem to install better, I now have a copy of the driver for backup use.


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Update Driver Problems

by nicki.ansdale In reply to Update driver problems

I'm sure you are probably perfectly correct. The trouble is I'm really self-taught re: the internet and was not sure whether I really needed these drivers or not. Therefore I (perhaps foolishly) assumed that, since Microsoft's site "analysed" your computer before coming up with suggested updates, they must therefore be correct and applicable to my machine.

Is there a more "trusted" site where novices like me can learn more about drivers?

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Nothing but problems.

by MTBerJim In reply to Microsoft Driver Updates ...

Every time I've downloaded a driver from Microsoft, it's a disaster. Besides if your computer is working, don't fix it.
Jim D.

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Don't Update your Drivers?

by nicki.ansdale In reply to Nothing but problems.

I appreciate what you say, but surely the whole purpose of updates, drivers or otherwise, is to rectify known problems and make more efficient use of software/hardware. If drivers are never updated surely everything just gets more and more antiquated and slow with persistent problems never being rectified?

Am I being too simplistic?

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by MTBerJim In reply to Don't Update your Drivers ...

I don't fix what ain't broke. Every time I do, I live to regret it. What kind of problems are we talking about? Most of the computers I see are the family PC. The best way I've found to improve a machine's performance is chkdisk, disk clean up and defrag. The 2 most recent machines really seemed to benefit from flashing the BIOS. To tell the complete truth, most times if I have a PC at my house, I'll install a NIC and do a bunch of Windows updates IE6, DirectX 8.1 and the critical updates. But drivers, no thanks.
Good luck, Jim D.

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Reply to "No"

by nicki.ansdale In reply to No

I'm very grateful to your more in depth reply - can you explain:-

"chkdisk" (is this the same as scan disk?)

"flashing the BIOS" - sounds somewhat immoral to an amateur!

"install a NIC" - this is not a term I am familiar with I'm afraid.
The trouble is you in the U.S. are decades ahead of us poor Brits (especially us rural ones) when it comes to IT, so you will have to bear with us until we catch up somewhat.

I will try to check this discussion tomorrow p.m.

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