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Microsoft have a sense of humor...

By Melar ·
Found this on the Microsoft NZ website...

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Ah New Zealand

by jmgarvin In reply to Microsoft have a sense of ...

Where the men are men and the sheep are scared..

uh...can I have a visa and a job now? :-)

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I saw that one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Microsoft have a sense of ...

I thought it was just a Kiwi thing where MS was attempting to show off new brides for New Zealand's while they worked on their computers. :)

I was under the impression that MS was going to regularly change the sheep in the picture and charge for the dating service. It was going to be an active Desktop where you saw a sheep that you liked clicked on it and got its details and an option to buy. I had been told by a Kiwi that MS where throwing in a free pair of Velcro Gloves with each purchase of a sheep {for those not in the know Velcro Gloves are the most popular Sex Aid in NZ.}

They also has pictures of sheep being shawn with the Kiwi Wide Combs but those where removed as they where considered as Pornographic and the NZ censor became involved.

Col ]:)

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Do Microsoft dream of kiwi sheep

by Neil Higgins In reply to I saw that one

Boing boing,mint sauce.Baaaaaaaaaaa

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