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    Microsoft is entering the virtual server market


    by Mark W. Kaelin ·

    The virtual server market has been dominated by VMware, but now software giant Microsoft has entered the fray with Virtual Server 2005.
    For application development, testing in a virtual server environment saves time and resources and has quickly become standard practice. Microsoft, as is their typical MO, has “discovered” this market and moved in and undercut the current market. By all accounts, Virtual Server 2005 is viable and cheaper alternative to VMware.
    [b]Which virtual server does your organization use now? Will you consider a switch to Microsoft’s offering?[/b]

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      5000 Lbs Gorrila

      by b_kennealy ·

      In reply to Microsoft is entering the virtual server market

      I have enjoyed using VMware for years on the desktop and server. This new version from Microsoft will definetly be checked out in the lab to see if it can contend going forward.

      I understand that cheaper costs will always make my boss happy, but I have to make sure that this will allow for the flexiblity that I am used to.

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