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Microsoft Is King!

By Yzowl ·
Get Used To It!!!! Lets all stop bashing the system and focus our energies in a positive way! Microsoft has been King since it's beginning, and I would think it shall rein for many years to come. Funny how without Microsoft, most of you wouldn't even be able to be here!
Instead of all the whining and complaining, which will get you nowhere, why not use what you have to create something better? How would you make the system any better than it already is?
Is there any other operating system ready and capable of taking the rein from Microsoft? I think not, but I'm always open to new opinions... WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE... TODAY?

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King since the beginning?

by generalist In reply to Microsoft Is King!

Funny, I don't seem to recall that Microsoft had a very good word processor, spread sheet or database program back when it got a running start with the IBM PC.

Way back then WordStar, Visicalc and D-Base were THE big packages. And WordPerfect, afew years later, was king of the word processing world long before Word snuck in as part of the OS.

I will admit that MS is King of the IBM compatible PC world at the moment. But that may not last forever, especially if MS rests on its laurels.
The King is Dead. Long live the King.

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The Big Packages!

by Yzowl In reply to King since the beginning?

That seems to be around the time Microsoft was pushing it's Windows version 3.1. I can remember using all 'The Big Packages', and must admit, all noble works, but was still more impressed with Windows. Although at the time they may not have had the best word processor, spreadsheet, or data base programs, (programs which I'd hardly call an operating system) it's hard not to compliment where they stand today!

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OS vs Applications

by generalist In reply to The Big Packages!

I'd say that you were impressed with the graphic user interface, which, for some, was a big improvement over the command line or even the DOSSHELL menu.

Of course, when you get down to it, Win 3.1 was basically a GUI laid over DOS. And Apple fans would say that the GUI was copied from the Apple environment. And computer historians would mention that Apple lifted the GUI concept from yet another organization.

From what I remember, Microsoft had an interesting edge over the competition because EVERYBODY needs an OS. They could then bundle programs with the OS so the computer buyer would be up and running without having to buy other software.

Those programs would get the casual computer user used to such things as Word as their primary word processor and Excel as their spread sheet. The 'first love' marketing system does wonders, especially if things are free.

Over time the 'Big Package' programs fade into the background for various reasons and Microsoft has a huge market share more or less by default.

It makes them King for the moment...

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by Yzowl In reply to OS vs Applications

Well Chief.... You're probably right on that point! It was great to see every thing under one roof you might say! I'm even more so impressed now with their latest version of Windows 2000 Pro, and soon to be released Windows XP! Not only do they havethe best operating system, and the best browser around, they do have that edge....

Long Live The King!

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Points to Ponder...

by Yzowl In reply to OS vs Applications

Wasn't DOS created by Microsoft? And if memory serves me correctly, BASIC which was the FIRST computer language for personal computers, shipped with the MITS Altair 8800, the FIRST commercially available personal computer!

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by generalist In reply to Points to Ponder...

I think you'll find a couple of postings saying that DOS was bought by Microsoft and offered to IBM for the IBM PC. So using the phrase "written by" would be inaccurate.

And BASIC existed almost a decade before it was ported to the MITS Altair 8800. Microsoft 'just' made it more accessible to people. (I'll admit that you didn't claim that MS invented BASIC like some people do. But your phrasing could imply it.)

Of course, by providing MS-DOS for the IBM PC and BASIC for non-mini computers, MS gained a competitive advantage.

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I think DOS was purchased

by ngcmos In reply to Points to Ponder...

IF I am not mistaken I think bill and his buddies saw dos on some computers at store, and bought it of the guy who owned the store. I dont think Microsoft created DOS. Although Im not 100% sure I have readt that and heard it. Any ONe know for sure?

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I agree with you 2!

by jkmchew In reply to I think DOS was purchased

I agree with you that DOS is actually purchased by Bill Gates. When DOS was brough over by MS, it's not well developed yet. So, I think Bill Gate also worked hard on it even it is bought over...

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Purchased from Seattle Computer

by McKayTech In reply to I think DOS was purchased

Yes, it was purchased from a company called Seattle Computer Products for $50,000.

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Purchased or Not!

by Yzowl In reply to I think DOS was purchased

Does it really matter? Microsoft made it better! And it was IBM (not Microsoft) who in 1981 decided to introduce it's personal computer running Microsoft Dos 1.0, Microsoft Basic, Microsoft COBOL, Microsoft Pascal, and other Microsoft products...

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