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Microsoft, just suppose they

By zlitocook ·
Wanted to offer managment to companys. And they offer to replace all or most of all of your staff with people who are in their company. This will let the folks from MS support and manage your company. They will remove all support from your company, no help desk, no data center, no security team just a few people on site to fix problems that can not be out fix over the net.
And if your company has a large IT staff, this will save the company alot of money.
And it has started with a company in my state, and I am wondering if it will take off? This could be the next thing to drive the IT people into other jobs!

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only works

by Jaqui In reply to Microsoft, just suppose t ...

if you are really willing to trust m$ with your companies confidential data.

oh, yeah, you are already giving them unlimited access by using thier products in the first place.

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It seems like

by zlitocook In reply to only works

A great idea. Untill you look at your staff, the people who jump at problems that come up. And you replace them with a phone call to a MS center that will place your problem in a que. Then you wait for a call from some where on earth. And tell them your problem again and after a long dialog you will be placed in another que.
What happened to a person just coming to your work station and saying hi can I fix your computer?
Has any one tried the 1411 info line? It's automated now!

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