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Microsoft Office Suites

By jardinier ·
Once upon a time there was MS Office 4.2, designed for Windows 3.1. It was fully functional on Windows 95, and although I have never tried it, probably also on Win 98.

Then there was MS Office 95, MS Office 97 (and there must have been MS Office 98 because I have it on one of my Macs).

And then there was MS Office 2000, and then there was -- well I don't know how many new releases since 2000 because it is of no interest to me.

My question is: Have any of you found improvements or additional features in the various successive MS Office suites, which have enabled you to do things that you could not previously do, or made certain tasks easier?

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by awfernald In reply to Microsoft Office Suites

I think they updated that one wizard in Office 2003, and in Office 2000, they made Binder an option instead of a requirement, and in Office 97 they e-mail enabled everything so you could launch outlook express from word, excel, etc... and Office 95 they added the option to NOT run macros that ate your computer, and Office 4.2 well, that was were they got the marketing idea.

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They did introduce the cute paperclip Help

by neilb@uk In reply to

But I think that was more a combined marketing ploy with screen manufacturers and drugstores for antiseptic cream and plasters for the knuckles.

Almost as bad as the dog in the XP search.

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by awfernald In reply to They did introduce the cu ...

I also remembered, I forgot MS MOM as well, I think that was like Office 97 or so.

Also, didn't they put Visio into the package for 2003?

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I think they are better

by afram In reply to Microsoft Office Suites

Office 2003 is much more stable than the older version because it will only run on XP or 2000. It doesn't have all that junk code for the other operating systems.

If windows95, do A [then crash]
If windows98, do B [then crash]
If windowsME, do C [then crash]

If you have an exchange 2003 server, you get some nice new features like HTTP over RPC which I really like.

Supposedly the newer office verisons are more secure, too.

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Can't do it...

by Jessie In reply to Microsoft Office Suites

I can't answer this question... because Office 4.2 was 12 years ago... and my brain doesn't remember what features it had... I know when Office 95 came out, it was cool... I just don't remember WHY...

Remember MS BOB?

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by house In reply to Microsoft Office Suites

I have not noticed much difference in regards to functionality.

I worked on contract for a local hospital during a massive rollout process. This was only half a year ago. We were still rolling out boxes with Office 97 on XP, the only piece of office software that we needed to upgrade across the board was Outlook. We had to provide newer versions of Word and Excel to certain departments who's function included label making and other more advanced tasks.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Microsoft Office Suites

There are huge differences in the Office product from 2000 to 2002 to XP to 2003. The latest version of Office 2003 for instance will support RPC over HTTP which will enable the user to use his or her full Outlook client over the web rather than use OWA. That's just for starters. A lot of the improvements in Office from XP to 2003 have to do with security enhancements.
The other applications in the suite are affected but not to the extent as Outlook has been. One of the newer features that began in 2000 and got improved with successive versions is the ability of any office application to save to a web format. So say for instance you have a address list in excel. In older versions of Office that person would either share that information by emailing it to a group of users or share the spread sheet in a network share. Now I don't need to go into the problems with either of these scenarios. In the newer versions of Office the user can create the spread sheet and save it to the web where everyone can access it for reference and the document will be stored in one place and will always be fresh. There are others but that is a few of them.
Now with that said I am appalled at the cost of the software. I tell small clients with a limited budget and few users to use Sun Microsystems OpenOffice suite. It is a good alternative and the price can't be beat!

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Exhorbitant prices

by jardinier In reply to Flavors

I actually do not know how Microsoft can justify the prices for their various office suites, or standalone Word.

Some years back (in Sydney anyhow) they released a package called "Home Essentials 98." The price, $AU 150. The package included Word 97, MS Works 4.5, Money 98, Encarta World Atlas and Entertainment Pack.

Further along on the shelf at the store they were asking $AU 600 just for Word 97.

I got lucky with the series 2000 software. There was a product "Microsoft Works Suite 2000." It was available only as a bundled package with a new computer.

It consists of 10 CDs, and includes the following programs:

Word 2000
Works 2000
Money 2000
Picture It Express 2000
Home Publishing 2000
Encarta World Atlas 2000

I paid $4 for the lot at a garage sale. Later I picked up another set also for $4.

Microsoft were quite happy to provide me with a key code for Word 2000, as the disks were all loose and this was the only item that required a key code.

All I had to do to complete my needs was to borrow Office 2000 from a friend, to install Excel 2000 (a TR peer kindly provided me with a generic key code as this product can only be registered online once).

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by TheChas In reply to Exhorbitant prices


In case you missed it, the prior post was referring to Open Office.

Open Office provides a very compatible option to M$ Office for just the time it takes you to download the software.

I install Open Office on most of the PCs I set up for friends and family.

For my needs, I have not noticed much functional difference between Office 97 and 2003.
However, Office 97 and older does not work well with Windows XP. And, Office XP was the last version you could run on a Windows 98 system.

I still prefer Word Perfect myself. You can regularly find WP for under $20 here in the US.


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Various office suites

by jardinier In reply to Exhorbitant prices

There was a discussion not so very long ago about various office suites, so that has been pretty well covered.

Hence this thread just about the various versions of MS Office.

I have tried them all except Open Office, because I pick them up for almost nothing at garage sales. I picked up two copies of MS Office 97 Professional for $1 each.

I have Word Perfect 6.1 installed at present because a friend who contributes articles to my websites is using that.

Word for Windows 2.0 which occupied only 15 MB of hard drive space worked fine for me.

I have also at various times used Lotus Word Pro, Corel Word Perfect and Star Office. As I don't do anything fancy, it doesn't really make any difference to me.

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