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Microsoft? Why Bother??

By bouchard ·
We gave up on Microsoft three years ago when win98 didn't meet expectations. It wasn't until early 1999 that win98SE came out. Why didn't they just call it win99? Does that just make too much sense?

We bought our first copy of SUSE LINUX 6.2 in late 98 and get our anual updates sent to us by mail for 69DM contract price (under $35). We are currently at SUSE 7.0 ENTERPRISE.

Our initial caust was 79 DM ($40) for the first copy, Sent all our key personell to semiars for 1200DM (under $600) each (I guess they were having a sale that week, because I haven't been able to find a price that low since). needless to say we have had no need to reclass anyone since.

My Personal Comment:
Though LINUX doesn't have all thebells and whistles that windows does, we are happier to have systems that are:
1. more productive (users have less bells and whistles to play with)
2. more stable (probably because the lack of useless bell and redundent whistles, and the fact that it was written by programmers who know how to program.)
3. more support (because LINUX is written by the people for the people, you can expect to get an answer to any question on line by an inumerable quantity of online linux websites.)
4.more freedom (we are allowed to make as many installations on as many systems as we see fit. Not bound to any contract)


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