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Microsoft wins federal class-action suit

By oneamazingwriter ·

I am interested in knowing what others think about all of this. From a legal angle it seems to me that the court dealt with it well, since it would seem that those with indirect purchase need to decide what software they want BEFORE purchasing a computer.
I'm an end user. If I buy a computer, I look for the machine that is going to perform the functions I want, at the price I want. Those selling the machines decide what OS and software will be included in that sale. If I don't like either one, I am free to replace them.
If I were buying a car and the dealer only had cars available with automatic transmissions, and I didn't realize that standard tranmissions existed until after I bought the car, I wouldn't sue the tranmission manufaturer, or the car dealer. It's up to me to know what options (if any) are available to me before I make a purchase, and if I make a purchase and the merchandise performs as promised, I have no reason to sue anyone, simply because I didn't know my options going in.

The analogy isn't as close as I would like, but there are no open source transmissions available at this time (at least that I know of!).

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