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Microsoft's left hand does not know the right hand

By john_wills ·
While at work, where I have a suitable Access application, I calculated the new payoff table for my 2nd mortgage and emailed it home, where I have no Access, in snp format. Microsoft complained about not knowing how to open that kind of file, and referred me to its website, which looked and didn't know either. It referred me to an independent website, which recognized snp as a Microsoft affair and recommended me to the right part of the Microsoft website, where I downloaded so I could print my payoff table. Now why did Microsoft twice profess ignorance about a Microsoft product when an independent site knew about it?

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I don't think MS professes ignorance

by Oz_Media In reply to Microsoft's left hand doe ...

They are the Paradigm of ignorance. If you say a problem doesn't exist for long enough, YOU will believe it and eventually your customers too!

Ms is a big bg world, I don't know if you've visited the Redmond factory but it is near to giving boeing a run for thier money (well not quite but you get my point).

the left hand definitely doesn't know what the right is doing. I've seen this in MUCH smaller company's where it can actually be fixed but is it? No because the right hand and the left don't see on the same plane.

opposing thumbs or not, I think these guys belong back in the prehistoric times, with outdated and redundant code. Thier HTML 'magician' Front page was about as outdated in theway it coded HTML as you could get. Talk about redundant tagging!
(just had to fix such a page and cut it's size by over 60% without changing anything but redundant tags.) What garbage these guys bring out, it's no wonder the company's internal knowledge is useless, it's like a motley crew of coders that use some of the most outdated scripts and languages known to man.

I feel for you John, but that's what you get from Microsnot, garbage.

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