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Microsoft's next act -- service provider?

By zlitocook ·
Look at this site and use google to search for Microsoft and energizer.,28**42,sid1_gci1065731,00.html
Our friends at MS are going to provide services like third party vendors do. Manage your whole windows It department, with an iron fist.
What do you as IT people think about this?
Most if not all of the company they manage will loose thier IT staff and all updates will be automatic. They will test to be sure you do not have any bad problems after updates.

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With an iron fist?

by maxwell edison In reply to Microsoft's next act -- s ...

Don't be so dramatic.

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Well it's like this

by zlitocook In reply to With an iron fist?

People on most networks do thier air flight plans and hotel stays from the work computer. If you can not prove that what you are doing is work related you will be terminated. If you use the computer for any thing non work related you will be fired. If you use your computer to access any thing that is not part of your job, well you know. You can not use your computer for any thing but work even at lunch. If you try to put a screen saver or a unapproved short cut you get one chance to remove it. I love a managed desktop and managed network! Not

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This is not new, just new to MS

by JamesRL In reply to Microsoft's next act -- s ...

Outsourcing has been happening for many years.

Yes, things are managed tightly. Thats the point. Companies often outsource when their internal departments fail to control the environment, and too much money is spent for no business purpose.

Personally, I would never chose a company like MS to be my outsourcing partner but they have as much right to play in that market as anyone else.


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what do you expect?

by jck In reply to Microsoft's next act -- s ...

They already have the staff in the 3rd world...have them trained...with ADS and RCC they can farm out all that labor to manager your network, computers, etc.

Plus, they're gonna start selling you Word and Excel over the now, you can use it and pay a premium to make a file with their format...and get nothing to display it with later...unless you pay again.

Software as a service...remember that, folks. It's Ballmer's baby.

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Heh I have alot of

by zlitocook In reply to what do you expect?

First hand experince with MS help desk. From the guys at HP who will be going away to save money. It will be going over seas just to make it harder to talk with the help desk people. The services that will be on line will take a computer that is not ready, like a dialup or a nonXP SP2 and reject it untill it is upgraded. Remember it is Microsoft and you will debug it's product! I was a subcontractor for them and still have a bad taste about them. Rememeber if you talk with steve and you can not understand him it is because you let MS deside what we want.

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