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Migrating Data from a PowerMac to a PC

By anrdcr ·

I need some help on migrating data from an old PowerMac (OS 8.6) to a new HP dc5000 (xp). My client has documents created thru Office 2001 on her old PowerMac - and I'm wondering if there is anything I need to be aware of in migrating data. I emailed from her MAC a document created w/Word 2001 - but my office 2000 doesn't recognize the attachment as a word document. I'm thinking the way to go is to buy a file conversion software application to make the migration as easy as possible.

Anybody have any suggestions/best practices etc...???


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Here are a couple of ideas but not a complete answer.

by stress junkie In reply to Migrating Data from a Pow ...

Okay. I have a little bit of experience using Macintosh. Happily in this case that experience is in using the old Mac operating system.

The first thing that I noticed in your post is that your test document was created by a newer version of Word than you were using to read the document. Naturally there could be problems with this even if you were using the same operating system in both cases. The document created by the newer version of Word could have internal formatting codes that the older version of Word doesn't recognize. Since you are transferring from the Mac to the PC then upgrade the Word software on the PC and try again.

If memory serves I believe that the older Macintosh operating system used to store its files on disk in two pieces. This would be apparent if you ever had an email containing a file mailed from a Macintosh to a PC. I remember seeing these two piece files many times. I believe that the first piece is metadata and the second piece is user data. This may or may not prevent you from using email software or ftp software to move the files. I don't know. I just guessing. Did you see two pieces when you sent the Word file via email from the Macintosh to the PC?

I just performed a search on Google. I looked for file+conversion+Macontosh+Windows and got 13 million hits. The first page has several entries for software to convert Macintosh files to Windows compatible files. There may also be free software available. I don't know where to find free software for Macintosh. You can find a lot of good free software for Windows on and many other web sites.

I wish that I could have been more help. I figured that the few comments that I made might be useful so I decided to answer your question even though I don't have a complete solution.

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