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    missing .dll’s


    by kk909 ·

    I have been trouble trying to connect my scanner, a paperport 7600USB. It goes through the whole process of trying to install but when it get done, it says cannot connect that MAXKERNL.DLL is missing and all the time it is naming paperport. I have other .dll’s missing. I went to a site where you can download all kinds of dll files,. I have tried to download the MAXKERNL.dll file but it comes back and says the same thing that it is missing and names paperport. I have tried everything that I have read in how to retrieve this dll file, but nothing seems to work. I even went to the paperport site and tried to use the patch in dowload and install but says the same thing. How can I retrieve this MAXKERNL.dll so that I can install my scanner. If I were to purchase another scanner of a different brand would I receive the same message. After receiving this message that it could not complete installation because of the dll file missing, I then go to add remove to remove the paperport installation, so even though it is showing installation could not be completed it is showing that it is. What can I do, like I ask, could I just get another scanner, would this help the problem? Or is the MAXKERNL.DLL used for a variety of other installations and applications. I just don’t know what to do, Begging for your help.


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      somebody has got to know something about dll’s

      by kk909 ·

      In reply to missing .dll’s

      Please, somebody out there has got to know something about missing dll’s especially the MAXKENL’dll. for some reason this one along with about five more seem to be missing. The MAXKERNL.dll is the one that I am mainly concerned about ecause it is preventing me from being able to use my Visioneer Paperport 7600USB scanner. The priner is working fine, that is plugged into USB, the DSSL is working fine tht is a USB connection. I have gone in and tried to download these dll’s but when it gets to completion a message box scomes up and says it cannot loacate the MAXKERNNL.dll. Somebody please help me. Also as I ask once before since this MAXKERNL.dll seems to be tied in with the papeport would getting anothr scanner have the same problem.

      Please somebody answer me. the scanner has never been used that much and I don’t want to ge anothe one if I don’t have too.

      Thank you, someobdy answer.


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