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    Missing My Favorites


    by ebrouet ·

    Suddenly the link to My Favorites is no longer there when I log in – why is that?

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      Its gone for me as well

      by lor__ ·

      In reply to Missing My Favorites

      I was using it too! If its gone for good that’d be a shame.

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        Mine is lost too

        by sazehra ·

        In reply to Its gone for me as well

        I have lost it as well 🙁
        I hope it isn’t gone for good…
        Was there any notification that it was going to be removed?
        Is there a way to report it to TechRepublic?

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          My Favorites Gone

          by dmandman ·

          In reply to Mine is lost too

          I have been looking for it all morning. If Tech Republic is no longer offering this service, they should have communicated to it us first. If there is a problem with it, again, we should have been informed.

          I will wait and see . . .


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      My TechRepublic Changed Too

      by waltonob ·

      In reply to Missing My Favorites

      The link at the top of the page used to say “My TechRepublic” which brought you to information about you account. Now it brings you to to change your information, not view it.

      Also, there used to be a link in My TechRepublic that showed all of the Discussion posts you have made (I used it to see if any posted a reply to my messages). In the Discussions area the My Discussions link doesn’t show anyting for me.

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      Has this been resolved

      by danniellea ·

      In reply to Missing My Favorites

      My favorites is missing as well – is there anyway to get them back? Has anyone heard anything?

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      Well it’s a bit worse than what you realise

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Missing My Favorites

      Not only has the link in My Favourites gone but now any new discussions that I subscribe to don’t get recorded so I am not ke[t up with whats going on in these discussions.

      This is becoming a real nusiance as as I’m very busy I don’t get the chance that I would like to spend the time relaxing here at TR and when I don’t know what’s getting discussed by lots of people it is hard to keep up with what’s going on. You can miss one discussion for a day and then find 30 or more postings that have happened the day that you missed it.

      Now 5 or even maybe 10 new postings I can keep up with but when you find 30 it takes a very long time to read all that has been postedand then you no longer have the time to post a reply.

      As soon as this is fixed up the better it will be and just in case anyone’s interested I run a Linux gateway that saves all my incoming e-mail and I have the problem on Linux, Unix, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 and Windows 98SE, so I’m thinking that the problem isn’t at my end but at TR’s end and somethinfg has gone astray there.

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