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Missing serial numbers on XP installation CDs

Is there a way to recover the "orrigional" serial number for a Microsoft OS (XP, 2K, etc.) installation CD? I have numerous CDs without any serials and want a legal option, as opposed to illegal keygen's. Any help is greatly appriciated!!!

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Key not on CD

by TheChas In reply to Missing serial numbers on ...

The key is not on the CD at all.

The installer has an algorithm that decodes the key and determines if the key is legitimate.

The question here is how many distributions of each version of Windows Microsoft created.

The product key is NOT tied to a specific CD. Each distribution of Windows has a series a keys that will work with ANY CD that was part of that series.

I presently have 4 distributions of W95, 5 of W98SE, and 3 of XP.

If all of the PCs (copies of Windows) were purchased from the same company at the same time, more than likely all of those CDs are from the same distribution, and any of the keys will work with any of the CDs.

Depending on how many different distributions and Windows CDs you have, you could set up a test system and install Windows. If the installer accepts the key, you know that the CD used is part of the distribution that includes that key.


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"The Chas" is quite correct

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Missing serial numbers on ...

The product keys for everything from Win 98 SE onward should be on a COA on the side of the box {case.}

If you have just bought a handful of install CD's without the product keys you are pretty well shot to hell unless of course you want to ring M$ and get new product keys for the CD's. But keep it simple and don't ask for 30 different product keys spanning several different versions of the same product or various versions of Windows as that will raise alarm bells.

Now with old versions that are no longer considered as production grade OS's M$ will generally give you a "Generic" product key over the phone provided you can supply them with the required information like the code on the CD and yes there is one there although it is very hard to read and could be on either side of the CD's inner ring.

With current products you have to convince Microsoft that you do indeed require a replacement product key and prove that you at the very least have a genuine version of their products and then they can take up to 10 working days to generate a product key and will e-mail it to you. However if you are claiming that the original hardware was stolen you will have to provide the means for Microsoft to confirm this normally with a Police Report of the theft. But if you actually have the boxes the COA has the product keys on it {that little Microsoft sticker on the side or in the case of LT's underneath the thing.}


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i also have a disc but no coa code

by ANDY300569 In reply to "The Chas" is quite corre ...

i also have a disc but no coa code, phone microsoft and the gentleman said tuff buy another copy .i explain it was bought i error and i only intend to use it at home can i buy one ,with the same reply buy a legal copy .
some help i think not...

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