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Modern day Rasists and race baiters

By jdclyde ·
I was listening to the Rosa Parks memorial, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A bunch of low-lifes using her life and death to get their faces back into the public eye.

The "honorable" Rev. Sharpton proceeded to claim that people that oppose "affirmative action" are the racists today, and the enemy of the black american today.

Does oppossing reverse-discrimination make you a racist?

Later on came the "honorable" Rev. Jackson and suprised me less with WHAT he said as much as HOW he said it. The Rev Jackson, is undesputably a well educated man, and is very articulate. For this particular show, he had "dumbed down" his speech. Instead of the clear, educated man that I am accustom to hearing and seeing, it was instead the talk of a poorly educated man, in a pathetic attempt to reach his listeners?

In general, it was nice to pay tribute to this woman. There were many times though when she was not the reason people were there. It was to push their OWN agendas.

Did you listen to or see this tribute?
What did you think?
Were these people great men standing up for a great cause or were they snake-oil salesmen out only for themselves?

Also, did they HELP or HURT what they claimed to be supporting?

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I didn't watch much of it

by Absolutely In reply to Modern day Rasists and ra ...

But as long as collectivism in any particular manifestation (racism, sexism class warfare, religious bigotry, etc.)is taken seriously, there will be opportunists cashing in on emotional responses to the misfortunes associated with the collectives with which the greatest number of individuals voluntarily identify.

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Rev. Al

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Modern day Rasists and ra ...

Al Sharpton is interested purely in his own self-promotion through the exploitations of others, not unlike a papparazzi photographer, a boxing promoter, or other form of social leech.

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"self-promotion through the exploitations of others"

by Absolutely In reply to Rev. Al

Does he own slaves? Can you not change the channel?

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As usual, I failed to express my point clearly

by CharlieSpencer In reply to "self-promotion through t ...

I didn't mean he was exploiting television viewers. He gains publicity by associating himself with the problems of others, exploiting their difficulties for his personal gain. Those he taken advantage of include disaster victims, victims of police abuse, people denied government benefits they are legally entitled to, etc. Some would say he is fighting for these disadvantaged people. I would ask, "If he is fighting for them, why does he always show up AFTER the problem has gained media attention? Why doesn't he take action before the TV cameras show up? Why doesn't he stick around for the long haul, instead of leaving when the reporters are gone?"

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And how would

by jdclyde In reply to "self-promotion through t ...

ME changing the channel stop him from exploiting people as I am NOT the one he is exploiting?

As for slaves, he is responsible for people being as good as slaves when it comes to liberating themselves from poverty.

Lots of ways to exploit people, and mr. Sharpton has jumped all over it.

Are you actually defending this "man"?

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I don't think so

by CharlieSpencer In reply to And how would

I don't think Absolutely was defending Sharpton as much as pointing out there was no reason for television viewers to allow themselves to be exploited.

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by beads In reply to And how would

If in particular these two "gents" want to do something about slavery why not work to end MODERN DAY (emphasis, not yelling) slavery in places like Southeast Asia and Central and Western Africa?

Ok. The reverends can get back to me on that one.

- beads

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i totally agree

by Rolloverman In reply to Rev. Al

you think this old conversation thought would of left the world by now but it hasnt we still have the same problem and more and more public reconized people are using it to make headlines why dont they just stop and let it disapper

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Didn't watch it

by ITgirli In reply to Modern day Rasists and ra ...

I wouldn't waste my time listening to either of them in the first place. Everyone has their own agenda these days. The country is headed for the crapper. I'm so sick of it that I'm goig to go and buy a bunch of land up in the mountains and start my own community.

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just make sure

by jdclyde In reply to Didn't watch it

you have a clear line of fire for the approach to the complex.

Barbed wire goes on the left, landmines go on the right.

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