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    Monday Water cooler 8/7/06


    by jdclyde ·

    First of all, MAE! GO HOME! 😡 Tig already gave you your perscription, now go home and take it!

    Golf, what do you do when your 14 year old son is starting to out drive you and your ADULT friend? You ground them of course! That and stop letting them use your Taylor driver!

    But all is well, because I beat him 103 to 112. (hey, I never SAID I was GOOD at golf, just that I like to get outside and play it! 😀 ) Yeah, my second shot has been my saving grace, but now Thing One is starting to ask to use my Hogan Hybrid driver, so is starting to catch on that avenue as well! Good thing I can pitch much better than the rest of the group! A good pitch makes up for my so-so putting! B-)

    Thing one catching up isn’t a matter of me getting worse, it is a matter of him getting better. How many of you are feeling the wolves nipping at your heals?

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      Took my boss’s family fishing

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      Boss, wife and three kids, girl 12, boys 10 and 5 all fishing for mackerel out in my boat.

      For foreigners, mackerel are related to the tuna, around 1lb weight, taste extremely good and are usually caught on traces of four feathered hooks. It’s perfect fun for kids because they arrive in shoals without warning at which point [b]everybody[/b] catches some and there’s fish all over the boat.

      We had a lean spell for a couple of hours early on, caugh a half dozen or so, and then the tide started to come in and brought the mackerel in force. My boss had brought a laundry basket down which he wanted filled! We didn’t quite make it but ended up laying out 146 on his lawn even though we threw around thirty more little ones back.

      All of the kids got a “full-house”, four in one cast, at least once which generally causes chaos trying to get them off the hook without catching any people.

      My boss and I spent Saturday night cleaning and filleting fish in almost total darkness – took over two hours while the kids were showered clean. Had a mackerel supper with floured fillets cooked crisp in olive oil with garlic and lemon (my recipe) washed down with cold beer at around 11:30pm.

      Final tally, 10lb of choice fillets and another 25lb of cleaned fish in the freezer and three happy children.


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        [b]Holy Mackerel! [/b]

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Took my boss’s family fishing

        ( stepdads stepdad always says that, so I figured it would fit! 😀 )

        Sounds like a grand time! We wanted to get out for some fishing, but had to stick around to see Foghat come to town. Lots of ribs too, as it was the “pig gig”!

        When the fish are hitting, the kids love it. The in-betweek strikes can be challenging with that five year old! My bud has a four year old we take with us and keeping him quiet and amused isn’t always the easiest thing in the world!

        Garlic and lemon. Squeeze the lemons for juice or throw the whole lemon in? Nice cast iron pan? Been looking to learn how to cook fish, as we have the beef and chicken thing down pretty nicely!

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          This works for me

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to [b]Holy Mackerel! [/b]

          I season two fillets to tastes, put a tomato slice between them and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then it?s into the oven at 350F to 400F or on the grill until they flake. The tomato slice seems to keep them from drying out and is discarded.

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          Discarded tomato

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to This works for me

          Never heard of that. While I don’t eat whole tomatos, just something about it. I am FINE cooking with tomato SAUCE and PASTE, but just can’t do the chunks. I have tried so many times over the years too! Just can’t do it.

          Anyone else use a tomato like that to cook? Are there other tips people use to keep the fishies from drying out?

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          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to Discarded tomato

          you only do this so I sit here and make myself hungry, don’t you??


          Ways to stop fish drying out, volume 1….

          As NB said, parcel them up in foil, and cook slowly in the oven (never, ever overcook fish…yeuchh…but then again, never undercook it either!!!)

          Variations: works with most “steak cuts” of fish… light brushing of olive oil on the foil, place the steak on top, spread approx 1 teaspoon of sesame oil on top of steak. Fold foil so there is about 1/2″ of space from the top of the steak to the foil. Sorta steam-cooks.

          Same again, using real butter (NOT MARGARINE)

          On white fish: believe it or not, mayonnaise

          In case of emergencies: grill the fish, but undercook. At the last minute, brush on melted butter, and zap in microwave for 30 seconds. Can also be used to rescue dried out fish…..

          If you’re going for the “sandwich” idea, alternate slices of lemon and lime are great, but remember to lightly oil the fish first, before putting on the citrus fruits (stops them pulling the fish apart on removal)

          If you prefer the fish more “mushy” or “wet” (careful, jd! careful!!!) then the mayonnaise trick works here too. Just don’t overdo the mayo, you’ll end up wearing it when you’re dishing out…..!

          Last but not least, a very, very old recipe from the family, called Coddled Cod – works with any white fish (mostly. Haven’t come across one it hasn’t worked with yet, and if you hadn’t gathered I’m a hardened fish-a-holic)

          Medium sized roasting pan, fill with 1/2″ boiling water, and good size knob of butter. Hand tear four mint leaves, put into the water, and put pan into oven, 200C. Clean fish. Pat dry, then lightly coat with either sesame or olive oil by brush, both sides. Put cod onto fish slice, and lower into pan in oven. Turn heat up to 220C, and leave to “coddle” (poach) for around 15 minutes.

          The fun part is trying to catch the cod, as it (effectively) swims around the pan, without breaking the fillet!


          Grief, I’m STARVING now. I’ll get you, jd, I’ll get you….. :p



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          Fish cooking 101

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to [b]Holy Mackerel! [/b]

          My mother taught me the secret and that is to just cook “to the point” when the middle of the fish is just nearly but not quite done. Tuna, salmon (and mackerel) and other oily fish you cook less than that so the middle is underdone. Especially tuna where the inside is usually scarcely warm.

          Basic recipe for fried fish:

          If you’ve got fillets – best for fussy kids AND beginner cooks – cook with skin on. Dry the fish thoroughly and dip the skin side only in plain flour and pat off the excess. This will give crisp skin. A pinch of salt and some pepper on the flesh and lay skin side down into a medium to hot skillet with a little oil in it. (Lay the fish away from you so you don’t get splashed!) Really fresh fish will “arc” up so press it down for a few seconds to get the skin in contact with the pan. Until you’ve got the timing worked out, watch the fish cook, you’ll see a colour change as the flesh cooks. On thin fillets watch the colour change until there’s a finger-wide patch down the middle uncooked, flip over, a few seconds and out onto the plate as the cooking will continue. With thick fillets when the colour change gets around half-way up, flip over and leave for half the time it’s just taken. We’re talking a few or very few minutes here so concentrate!

          Garlic and lemon is nice for oily fish although it works with most fish. Use olive oil. The garlic should be chopped or sliced. Because garlic burns easily you add it just before you turn the fish over so that you turn it over onto the garlic. The lemon juice is added just before you take the fish out so you get a big sizzle and some of the sugar in the lemon juice caramelises. Pur the whole lot out and dip bread in the fishy, lemony oil. If you’ve got some, add a pat of butter halfway through to really brown the skin.

          Anything goes – e.g. for Cajun fish just sprinkle on some Cajun seasoning and have the pan good and hot so it gets a bit black. Cook as above.

          Any sauces, herby fresh tomato sauce is good, just make the sauce separately and add it to the pan just before you’d flip the fish over and then flip into the sauce, fast cook for a minute and out. Parsley, chives, dill, fennel…

          For grilling (broiling) the same applies, just watch until you’ve got the timing right.

          Whole fish you deal with once you’ve got the hang of how long a thick fillet takes.

          An easy way, make an aluminium foil parcel of some seasoned (salt and pepper) fish fillets or a whole fish with whatever takes your fancy. Leave a little room for expansion but fold the edges well to seal. Cook in an oven at 160C, 320F, for 20 minutes – foolproof. Makes its own sauce and so easy that the kids can do it.

          E.g., a couple of slices of lemon, a handful of chopped coriander leaves (cilantro), a heaped tablespoon of finely chopped shallot, some grated root ginger and a pat of butter. Thai fish (sort of).

          A slug of wine is good, tomatoes, whatever you like! Good way to cook thinly sliced or julienne veggies, too, but don’t forget the seasoning. Carrot julienne (matchsticks) with a few (very few!) cumin seeds and a pat of butter. Mmmm.

          Sometimes, you get so much liquid that you may have to empty the sauce out and whoosh it in a pan to concentrate it before pouring back over the fish or veggies.

          Enough! I’m getting hungry! Experiment and have the ketchup handy!

          Neil 😀

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          Classic rule of fish cookery

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to [b]Holy Mackerel! [/b]

          Learn what makes a “fresh” fish. Then you’ll never go wrong even if you eat it raw.

          If is smells fishy then don’t buy it!
          The eyes should be clear and bright. They shouldn’t be sunken or dull.
          Skin should be shiny and bright with no discoloration or damage.
          Gills should be bright red underneath. Lift them up, don’t be shy!
          Flesh should be firm and plump. Soft flesh that indents easily is a sign that the fish isn’t fresh.
          If the fish has large scales they should be firmly attached.

          Fish fillets should be firm, smell fresh and have bright skin.

          Above all, find a good fish supplier and ask him what’s good on the day. assuming you have fishmongers, that is.

          Neil 😀

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          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to Classic rule of fish cookery

          don’t go looking for its’ fingers…..

          [i] they don’t have any……..[/i]

          :p 😀


          Sorry, couldn’t resist!


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          Time to start web crawling

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Classic rule of fish cookery

          to find a fish shop! We had one in town, but it went under about five years ago. Not sure what else is in the area, but as we are surrounded by the largest fresh water supply in the world, I am sure there is a place not too far way!

          And grilled it what I have in mind more than fried. Fried is for winter! B-)

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          Go with the parcels

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Time to start web crawling

          Very good for summer.

          Barbecue! Oil the fish all over, pinch of salt and pepper into the flesh and onto the barbie, skin down for fillets. Again, watch the change from translucent as it travels up the fish. Flip over, done (watch out that they don’t stick). Salmon fillets are good to practice on as the colour change to light pink as it cooks is so easy to see. Into a toasted bun with mayo and lattuce. MUCH better for you than all that animal fat!

          I’m having – as you might have guessed – mackerel for supper. I’m making Thai fishcakes with mashed potato, cooked fish, chopped chives, chili, garlic, ginger and chopped coriander. Make patties, dip in egg and breadcrumb and fry for a few minutes.

          Light and zingy – perfect summer food.

          Another two hours and I’ll be eating them!


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      MAE! GO HOME!

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      I’m not sure why you should go home right now but if Tigger and JD said so…

      We used to do PC games a lot in the winter. We?d put ?em up on the 4:3 60? HDTV so everyone could see. My wife meticulously worked her way though Frogger 2 for a few days until she got stuck at the last level. I asked my daughter to help us get unstuck and she started at the beginning of the game and went all the way through it to the end [b]beating the developers times[/b] on [b]every[/b] level. [b]That[/b] made me feel really old though my daughter acted like it ?wasn?t nuthin? but a thang.? My wife hasn?t played a game since then though we will watch my daughter play Sims2 on the big screen.

      On another subject:
      Why is there mandatory tagging at TR when you can search for a discussion by tag and can not find it? The search function only finds words in titles. Is it just me or is tagging like a camouflaged 10 million candlepower spotlight, it doesn?t make a lot of sense. Now I?m getting 404 errors like TR knew I was going to moan about stuff.

      I?ll complain like a whiny a** ti**y baby about other things later. I survived the weekend.

      One more thing, who do I have to kill or suck up to to get past the ?Restricted? page or am I beyond all hope?

      edit bold

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        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to MAE! GO HOME!

        I have been on the road a lot for the last two weeks, so I don’t know if that accounts for me not hitting the same errors, or if your just not holding your head straight when your clicking on the links? 😀

        As for Tags, at least I am 25th! I think it is a rigging that [b]george ou[/b] is ahead of me! A clear abuse of power! :p

        The only use of tags I have done was to click on a tag and pull from that list. Not sure exactly what your trying to use them for. My understanding is you don’t use the SEARCH option, you go to the “Tag Cloud”. Can be sorted alph or popluar. Then click on the tag you want and it brings back a list of all discussions that have that tag. I am kind of surprised for how much they wanted to push TAGS, yet they never made a heading to easily get to them.

        By they way, you own MAE a nickle. She has that phrase copy righted, and costs a nickle for each useage! 😀

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          Go Home Mae !

          by mickster269 ·

          In reply to Errors

          (I’m just a trend follower).

          I hope no one is searching for any thread I start via tags – since they usually have nothing to do with the content of my message.

        • #3213536

          A secret

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Go Home Mae !

          I have NEVER looked for a discussion based on the tags, but don’t tell Jay and Smorty that! Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings, ya know! ;\

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          Mae…Go Home…

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to Go Home Mae !

          Just jumping on the perverbial bandwagon! I hope you aren’t ill. And just know that it’s not because we don’t like you 😀 but because Tig2 and jd usually give good advice…

          …so I’m just catching a coat-tail.

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        The way I got there was both dirty and under-handed

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to MAE! GO HOME!

        Shell and I whined so long and so loud that TR finally relented. It was really pretty funny in retrospect but I have a mental picture not of Jay with his hands over his ears screaming STOP!!!

        I get that same mental picture every time someone mentions a spell checker.

        My guess is that they haven’t noticed that you should be elevated to the rarified atmosphere because they have been in firefighter mode trying to get the server migration done and keep the site running.

        Hopefully they are reading this post and realising the error of their ways. They’ll either admit you or kick me out!

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          I believe Tig

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to The way I got there was both dirty and under-handed

          That he is refering to the authentication error that people were getting regularly?

          I would have to click on “Start Threat”, then hit “back”, and then “reload” to get the pages. Col thought he was banned for a bit because even that way he couldn’t get in for a bit. :_|

          I can’t WAIT for things to get cleared up. I see people getting weary of it and leaving TR if it lasts much longer.

          Hopefully I won’t jinx myself, but I really haven’t had many errors lately other than the way the “posts from my contacts” doesn’t always line up with no rhyme or reason.

          Spellchecker NE1? 😀

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          Couldn’t remember if NB was TRI or not

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to I believe Tig

          He should be.

          I know I was having some issues last week- posted on it. Ran Crap Cleaner- do it every week just to keep things squeaky clean but had not performance difference. Speed improvedsomewhat over the weekend… I think. Wasn’t on much, too busy with other things… like WALKING!

          TRI has been WAY bizarre for me. It will stay in place for days and suddently disappear for no particular reason. Other times I can open a new tab and there it is. Very strange.

          Hopefully the diehards will realise that this is a temporary thing. Jay and the crew have been really good about posting updates as the migration continues. I recall Jay saying that completion is expected sometime in September. I personally am thinking October at the earliest as they have certainly had their share of unforseeable issues.

          Not to mention unreasonable demands from us!

        • #3213600

          That’s the TRI “secret handshake”. . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to Couldn’t remember if NB was TRI or not

          The way it comes and goes, that is. You have to know the “secret handshake” to make it appear at will, and I know how to do it. You stumble upon it by accident, doing the same thing, but you just don’t realize you’re doing it.

          Yes, really. I’m serious. There IS that “secret handshake”. (Whether or not it’s by design, however, is another issue entirely.)

          By the way, it’s getting so crowded on the TRI list, that it’s more exclusive to NOT be on it. Perhaps it’s kinda’ like Yogi Berra once said. Nobody ever goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.

        • #3213542

          I?m in trouble then.

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to That’s the TRI “secret handshake”. . . .

          If I was careful about whom I shook hands with before this wrist thingy you should see me now. I feel as if someone could be underhanded and break my hand off and hand it to me in my other hand. Handy.

          Just for the heck of it, check this out
          German ?engineering??! I?m not going there. I will say that if ever testing of another item and rushing it through to approval is necessary this is it but it may just raise the level of stupidity to new heights and/or void ?your? link. I notice that there?s a ?Max? in the institutes name so maybe you?re already involved with this.

          Also, talking about fund raisers…
          Shouldn?t the headline here have read ?at? instead of ?to??

          Just asking.

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          eliminate the loss of short term memory in fruit flies????

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to I?m in trouble then.

          They only live about 20 hours anyway. Short-term is the only memory they have! 😀

          And would those pills happen to melt quickly in…say…watercoolers? Because I have a few clients…

        • #3213412


          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I?m in trouble then.

          I’m glad I’m not the only one to think that about the fruit flies.
          How do you check short-term vs. long-term memory in a fruit fly?
          Is it’s memory anything more than instinct?
          What happens when a fruit fly dies, does it’s entire life flash before it?
          Does having a better short-term memory raise ones IQ? What were we talking about?

        • #3213406

          Yeah, and about … that other thing…

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to I?m in trouble then.

          Well, isn’t that supposed to effect your memory, too? 😉

        • #3213405

          If they get rid of short term memory

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to I?m in trouble then.

          I am in deep do-do.

          My memory has been shot for years now. I’m used to it now…

        • #3213395

          I’m still looking

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I?m in trouble then.

          for a selective memory eraser. I think I’d fall asleep easier and sleep better.

          About “that other thing” and short-term memory

        • #3213532

          Now is a good time anyways

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Couldn’t remember if NB was TRI or not

          as many are out in that “sunlight” thing more. Give us another month before we go back to bathing in the rays from our monitors again! 😀

          For now, I almost never get on over the weekend or evenings as I am not home to get on much right now.

        • #3213606

          If my Contacts would quit posting there

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to The way I got there was both dirty and under-handed

          it wouldn’t be an issue (much) even though I [i]might[/i] be able to contribute in a meaningful fashion. I’ll behave myself. I’ll really try to anyway.

          I thought they probably had a TR wide vote on the subject and whoever may have mentioned my name, after the laughter died down, is now delegated to creating the spell checker.

          If they kick you out I?m going over there…

          Doh! Here I go off already! I meant to ask if anyone over there needs a coffee or anything else (no hugs) while I’m up.

        • #3213570

          Anyone willing to fetch the coffee

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to If my Contacts would quit posting there

          Should be TRI.

          Ummm, Jay??? Hate to interrupt your very important work (no, not being sarcastic) but could you look into this?

          Besides, he is willing to fetch coffee! No hugs, though. But he may hug his cat!

        • #3213525

          I’ll dodge bats for water

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Anyone willing to fetch the coffee

          and get coffee too, as long as I’m going that way and planning on coming back.

          Regarding cats:

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      I’m going…I’m going..

      by maecuff ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      JD, this is what you accept that your kids are going to do better than you because they are younger and because you taught them well. Then you congratulate them on a job well done. 🙂

      If it makes you feel any better, my 8 year old beat me at mini golf this weekend. Saturday night, I helped my step daughter and her friend tart themselves up for a night of clubbing. She looked so good. She usually doesn’t wear much makeup, pulls her hair back in a ponytail and dresses like a nun. She’s the youngest old woman I know. Other than that, it was a pleasant, uneventful weekend..until this crappy stomach thing hit me last night..

      • #3213616

        I owe you a nickel

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to I’m going…I’m going..

        Can I run a tab?

        • #3213400


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to I owe you a nickel

          run a tab..when it gets over $100, you can send me a check.. 🙂

        • #3213380


          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Yes..

          I appreciate your generosity.

          I could write you a check for the nickel now, if you don’t cash it right away.

        • #3213377

          I never got a bill

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Awesome

          And I use that all the time.

          Is JD misdirecting funds? Or is it a chick thing?

          We may never know…

      • #3213615

        I tease them about it

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to I’m going…I’m going..

        When the boys beat me at something, I simply tell them they are grounded. They know me well enough to know that they aren’t.

        They get lots of praise, but I just have to keep it contained sometimes as depending on what it is they are doing, one will be better than the other and last thing I want to take a chance of is falling into the trap the EX did about having the boys think she likes the other twin better. Thing two is doing good, but Thing one does excel more in many physical sports. He will find his nitch, and until then I make a point to notice and complement every good shot.

        Games, yeah, Thing One SMOKED me hard on the XBOX playing soccer. After it was 18 to zip, 1/4 of the way through the first period, we decided maybe we should try something else. SMoked HIM hard in the racing games! B-)

        Mae, you haven’t had any undercooked eggs or fish lately, have you?

        • #3213402

          Yes..I left..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to I tease them about it

          I’ve slept the afternoon away. And felt almost human, until I came here and saw the undercooked eggs or fish comment… blech.

          Now, I’m going to go watch a trashy movie and try to not think about drippy eggs.

        • #3213367

          Just trying to help :(

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Yes..I left..

          Going down my list of things to eat that might account for you not feeling well….

          Now trash up that movie. Should be pretty egg-citing….. (I know, I know… :p )

        • #3213340

          You can’t help yourself

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Just trying to help :(

          can you? 🙂

          Come on, JD, you can do better. I feel pukey, you can get more disgusting than bad eggs. Come up with a deep fried dish, with the main ingredient being mucus. Or steamy, bloated road kill.

          (I better face is getting all sweaty).

        • #3213309

          no no no

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to You can’t help yourself

          wasn’t trying to MAKE you sick, but figure out what MADE you sick! 🙁

          See, I was actually (in my own way) trying to be nice! 😀

        • #3213303


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to no no no

          my mistake. I take it all’re very sweet.

    • #3213612

      Mae! Have you GONE?

      by gadgetgirl ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      If not, why not?? Just one thing – if you even think it’s a bug, it needs to get out of your system….don’t take ANYTHING to stop it getting out of your system!

      (and, being an intelligent woman, I know you know exactly what I mean by that!)

      Weekend – phnnaa. No change. Highlight was 4 year old grandson helping me make my packed lunch for today.

      Reminder to self: Must get a life…..


      • #3213394

        I left..and I am home..

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Mae! Have you GONE?

        of course, I’m sulking, because I come here and all I see is everyone telling me to leave.

        I’m such a whiny a$$ t1tty baby when I’m sick..

        • #3213388

          Oh just stop

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to I left..and I am home..

          You are NOT a whiny a$$ t1tty baby. You are ill.

          Don’t MAKE me come over there… I can walk it, you know!

          Do make an appointment with your MD. You are having this too often for it to be reasonable. The ginger will keep you more comfortable but you need to have it checked. I think that the stress just lately has gotten to you more than you know.

        • #3213370

          Actually Tig

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Oh just stop

          she is an ILL whiny a$$ t1tty baby! 😀

          Mae, we want you HOME, not off TR! 😡

        • #3213362

          JD’s right Mae

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Actually Tig

          but you might want to have someone check your computer while you’re off.

          JD- Maes extreme generosity has temporarily affected me in a positive manner. Just go ahead and put the nickel on my tab. This time.

        • #3213341

          You sound

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Oh just stop

          like my husband..go to the doctor. I’m really fine, and these two incidents are completely different. The last time came from bad food (I’m nearly positive) This one is accompanied by a fever. Totally different. I’m just sick, plain old, run of the mill sick. If I don’t feel better by tomorrow, I’ll go to the stupid doctor.

        • #3213334

          It could be worse

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to You sound

          I could sound like your mother.

          Chicken soup, anyone?

          If the first one was from bad food, you were running a temp then too. Happens that way.

          You forget- in the half a hundred professions I have followed, ER nurse was on the list. I am not so old that I don’t recall the symptoms.

          You are just being stubborn about going to an MD. I get it. I get the same way myself- only it’s worse- I can develop a compelling arguement for not going.

          Feel better. You’re a big girl. You’ll do the right thing.

        • #3213315


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to It could be worse

          you have that on me..I’ve never worked in the medical profession.. I can develop a compelling reason for not going’s just that YOURS would probably actually make sense. 🙂

        • #3214058

          How ya feeling mae???

          by jellimonsta ·

          In reply to Well

          Are you doing better??

          P.S. I hate the Doctor too and never go myself (even when I got jumped by a gang and had my face smashed to pieces many years ago) 😀

        • #3214046


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Well

          Not bad. Not great, but not as lousy as yesterday. I think it’s just something that’s going around. A lot of people around here seem to be under the weather…

          thanks for asking!

    • #3213602

      jd – I love it. . . . . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      …when my son beats me on the golf course. I got him into golf at an early age, he’s been on school golf teams, and so on. It was a great round when he finally beat me fair and square. He can beat me at arm wrestling as well! (But he still has to ask for the car keys!)

      • #3213529

        Too young for school golf teams

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to jd – I love it. . . . . .

        so far, but they have their eye on it. Going into 8th grade this year.

        It was a cool thing when Thing one out drove everyone a few times, and they were holes where everyone else already had a good hit. He came up and NAILED it! Sweet!

        They have a ways to go for the arm wrestling thing though. At least two years! 😀

        car keys. 14 and already telling me what kind of car they think I should have when they get their lisences!

        • #3213464

          My son’s a great partner. . . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to Too young for school golf teams

          …in a two-man scramble.

          He’s extremely strong off the tee box, and can crunch a drive well over 300 yards. It even goes fairly straight a majority of the time! When he misses one, we can usually get by with my ~225 yard three wood off the tee box. His short game still needs a lot of work, but I use a lot of finesse around the green. I’m pretty strong within about 100 yards of the hole.

          Put us in a two-man scramble, and we’ll compete with just about anybody. (Except a Nicklaus type father-son team, of course.)

    • #3213597

      20 miles!

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      Hit the final milestone for the 3 Day- walked 20 miles around the Chain of Lakes. Took ALL bloody day but I did it.

      Actually, WE did it. Partner walked EVERY inch with me. We have officially walked over 500 miles since the begining of March.

      The event is just around the corner- two weeks from today it will be over. Boston walked this weekend, Michigan is next. We are the following weekend.

      Hate to break this to you JD- your kids will continue to surpass you. Thing Two may not be a physical kid- there may be other things that attract him. Happens. He’ll find his space.

      • #3213524

        For years now

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to 20 miles!

        Thing two has been a better speller than me! 😀 Go figure, huh? ;\

        Real smart kid, and he just did a real stretch this year so he is taller and leaner than he was. Got some new speed and strenght that he is getting used to still. His older brother (thing one) HAS noticed that the gap is disappearing fast!

        In many things, it is more a matter of interests, not ability. He isn’t as competative as his brother is, and if you really don’t care, you don’t push as hard. Still looking for things he WANTS to do. [b] He is GEEKED about bow season coming up!

        • #3213473

          No comment

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to For years now

          about the spelling.

          I couldn’t.
          I just couldn’t.
          Too easy.


      • #3213465

        Good luck

        by onbliss ·

        In reply to 20 miles!

        …with the event. I know another person who is doing the walk too.

        • #3213454

          Onbliss and anyone else…

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Good luck

          The link below should take you to the Cheering Stations page of the 3 Day website. They tell you where we will be and roughly when we will be there.

          Especially if you know a walker, come out and cheer us on. We have worked really hard to get this far and really thrive on the support. Keeps you energised!

          Or check out Opening or Closing Ceremonies. Something about seeing the thousands of us that make this happen will really give you some new perspective. Not as big as the Komen but MUCH further…

        • #3213431

          On 18th…

          by onbliss ·

          In reply to Onbliss and anyone else…

          …I will stop by at one of the cheering stations before going to work.

    • #3213588

      This is cool. A coke and mentos video that’s pretty good.

      by vanessaj ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      Make sure you have your earphones in, though…you’ve got to hear the music that goes with it.

      Also, I finally took some “me-time” on Saturday for the first time in about a year, slept-in and then “played” – I refinished a bureau that I wanted to get to for a few months. First a hunk of junk:

      Then I refinished it:

      Of course now that I have finally gotten around to my little “project” I don’t have any use for it…anyone need a chest of drawers?

      Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

      Edited for typo

      • #3213520

        Nice work!

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to This is cool. A coke and mentos video that’s pretty good.

        Maybe you missed your calling?

        • #3213441

          Hey thanks! Some weeks here…

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to Nice work!

          make me wonder, but I think that anything you do for fun gets old when you have to do it to pay the bills. (Well, maybe not some things…computer game testing, movie critiquing or golfing might be a great way to bring home the bacon.)


        • #3213433

          More to it than “fun”

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Hey thanks! Some weeks here…

          gravitating to something you do very well is also a huge plus!

          I am lucky if I can do a “paint by number”. B-)

          I used to joke with some friends that being the guy that has to do the “research” to put porn sites on a black list would have a VERY interesting “job” …… :0 Just don’t shake hands with him and don’t touch his keyboard….. ;\

        • #3213409

          Actually, I think he may be one of our clients…

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to More to it than “fun”

          You wouldn’t believe how skeeved-out I get at some of our users’ workstations. I carry those little wet-naps/hand sanitizers in my bag. Sometimes the keyboards and mice I have to use are actually black in places. How do people live in a work area like that? 🙁

          Thank you for your positive comments on my chest of drawers. I don’t usually refinish furniture pieces, I usually paint houses on the weekends, but I was really happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to find it a good home.

          I’m glad you had a great weekend. But it sounds like you may need to sneak out during the week, without your T’s 1 & 2 knowing, and practice up on your shot, no? ]:)

          (BTW, how do my icons look? I owe them all to you! 😉 )

        • #3213382

          I work industrial

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Actually, I think he may be one of our clients…

          and ALL of the keyboards at the remote locations are black. Shop rats have to come in and order a part or make an inventory change, well, they don’t wash their hands before using the computer.

          When one comes back I spray it with DOW bathroom cleaner, place it upside down on a row of paper towels and let it sit. Only way to get the grease and dirt off. Every now and then we just toss them and get a new one. For this reason we get the $12 keyboards and meices.

          (I hate them meeces to peices!)

          or how about

          “I’ll make mincemeat out of that mouse!”

          and yes,:( 🙂 ;\ :p are all welcome additions to the message! ]:)

          Don’t know about practice or not this week. The EX has a hot date on Tuesday, so she will be passing the boys off for that. (bonus for me!) and this weekend I have a wedding to go to so I get the boys back thursday night instead of Sunday night. So I really only won’t have them this week on Monday and Wednesday. Oh, I hope she keeps dating! 😀 But when I DO get out, I make a point to rub their grubby little noses in it! 😀 nanananaaanaaaa! I got to play goooollfffff! :^0 It got to the point where they would clear it so I could pick them up on IT’S week for a round and then drop them back off.

          paint houses. inside or out? My house is a two-tone if you look at it in the right light. The year before the ex left, she wanted to paint the house to increase the value so her and her mother got some scaffolding and started painting. I already had plans to take the boys canoeing so I left. I came back and they did all the way around the house, about 12 feet high. :0 Seems they are both afraid of hights and couldn’t go any higher than that. Guess who got to finish it? Well, that isn’t the bad part YET. The EX had not got enough paint, so she went back and got more for me to use on the rest of the house (two story). Well, she told them the wrong finish when she went back, and you could not tell until it had dried. X-( I didn’t know because I didn’t see the cans from the first half and just used what she got. Middle of the day, it is pretty clear to anyone that knows paint and LOOKS. Too bad, too sad. I am not going to repaint it, and I am not going to pay anyone else to do it either. The house will sell, someday. ;\

        • #3213360

          OMGoodness!! That is a funny story!

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          I usually just do the insides, but for you I would make an exception. I’m trying to imagine just what that looks like. What color(s) is it anyway? And if you are going to sell it, you really should make it one color…ANY color.

          It’s good to see how much you love your boys. Glad to hear that you get them again. BTW, is the mystery solved? Is she starting to “show” at all? None of my business, but just curious, I know how that can change things for [b] everybody [/b] in a family. Personally, I think, among other things, it will bring you and your boys closer together if it’s true. I always hope the best for you and I know that te best should include a lot of testosterone-together time. 😉

        • #3213348

          I think she is NOT knocked up

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          Ran into her last week and while she is still carrying more weight than she ever did while we were together, it did not look like she was knocked up.

          Either she was going through a mydol day and was very bloated the FEW times I saw her, or maybe she went and got a procedure done. All I know is she is smaller than she was two weeks ago, and based on how she DID look I would SWEAR she WAS. She did not look like it now and was not covering her stomach around me like she was the last time I saw her.

          Of course I can’t ASK her about it for a number of reasons.
          First, she might think I care, which except for how it would ADVERSELY affect my boys, I don’t.
          Second, what greater insult can you say to a woman than to ask if they are pregnant when they aren’t? :0

          As for the colo(u)r, I don’t remember what it was. Can post a pic soon, but you can’t tell in the pic. Will have to get out and see if I can get a pic that shows this. I think one is satin and the other is semi-gloss, but the same colo(u)r. But you know how the finish changed the actual colo(u)r. that is what happened.

          I am NOT worried about selling right now. Still doing CPR to my credit rating, so I would not get a good deal on a mortgage right now, and I could not rent a house or apartment for what I am paying to live in the house. Also, her half of the equity is based on the selling price, minus the payoff AT THE TIME OF THE DIVORCE, not at the time of the sale, so anything I put into it is building MY equity. I have all the time in the world. Between that and I am not hurting for the money, while SHE IS. I am in no rush to do ANYTHING that would help her. I won’t do anything to make her life harder, but I won’t step up and be her savior either. Hows life on the other side of the fence baby? Nice and green? ]:)

        • #3213338

          JD, it’s hot, hot, hot here in NY

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          A little cooler than last week, during the official heat wave, but still hot. And I’m like you…I freeze at work. Last week when the heat index was 115F, they had the airconditioning cranked all the way up. I had to wear a sweat-jacket to thaw enough to type. And I was sent to a lot of clients last week as well. Out of the office – back in the office – out of the office – back in the…well you get the picture. I thought I would catch pneumonia from sweating/freezing/sweating/freezing…

          Can’t wait to see the pic of your house. Wish I could come up and paint it for you since I enjoy it and you apparently don’t. I have found that most people don’t really care about that stuff anyway. But in the back of their mind they know something is just “off”, you know? But it’s not like anyone really cares unless you’ve got snooty neighbors.

          Well gotta go for the day. Look for you on the boards tomorrow. And Mae, if you see this, feel better. Stomach viruses are no fun at all. Take care!

        • #3213306

          Not that I have a problem with painting

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          At the time, I had already found the EX’s checklist of her exit strategy. Fix the house before getting the divorce was on the list so I completely stopped doing ANYTHING around the house until she left. Then within a month I had repainted the whole inside of the house and redid the kitchen and bathroom. 8 rooms, plus cleaned all the carpets and even replaced a few. She was PISSED when she came in one day and saw all her pho-finishes (sp?) gone! Worth the price of admission it was! 😀

          Now, I just don’t care one way or the other if it sells, so won’t go out of my way to do it. Not to mention, she doesn’t have money to go in half on the cost, it doesn’t get done. :p

        • #3213300


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          (since you asked..)

          You know..after all this time..I am still endlessly amused by your divorce stories.. You should still consider writing that book.

        • #3213288

          the good book

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          No, not the bible. 😀

          What do you think would be better,

          “divorce, a how-to?”


          “Divorce, what it did to me”

          Could make it the drama that it was. I was originally thinking of making a guide on getting through a divorce.

          I did make a point of saving a copy of the discussion, just in case TR ever were to make it “go away”.

        • #3213155

          I think

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          it could be a loose ‘how-to’ book. There was a lot of good advice and a lot of funny stuff in there. Light hearted in places, not so much in others. If you take who you were when the whole process started and compare that person to who you are NOW, you’d have a very logical beginning and end to the book. I guess it could be viewed as how to grow in such a terrible situation. How to find the support you need, how to not worry obsessively about your children (thus enabling you to continue being a parent) and how to control the bitterness that stems from this type of situation. This, along with real practical advice(hidden cost of divorce, splitting assets, childcare, etc.) I’m sure if you could go back, you have hindsight NOW that may have helped you THEN. Perhaps others could benefit from that and you could sell books and make up for your lack of hindsight in the beginning. (Did that sentence make any sense?) I think would beneficial to anyone. I think you’d have more of a male audience, but really, this could apply either way.

        • #3213117

          looking back

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          I don’t see a whole lot that I would/could have done differently. Knowing more of what to expect would have helped cut down on the nerves though. I was doing a lot of reading of books and websites on the topic, as well as about how and why to hire a lawyer.

          I think the first thing I would recommend to anyone is to get a support group! Made all the differnce in the world. 😡

          Will have to start an outline on this.

          And yes, you made a lot of sence. 🙂

          As for audiance, as most of the focus was looking out for the best interests of my boys, a lot of it would be pretty unisex? Will have to see how it comes along. B-)

          Of course, there would be an “honorable mention” to the people that helped me get to where I am now!

        • #3213088

          Glad you redid the house after she moved out

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          It’s one of the healthiest things I think someone could do…just get the last vestige completely out of your life. Nothing hanging around that’s not yours. And it’s a scream that you painted over her faux finishes and redid the floors, et. al. And it sounds like a lot of painting, too. Wow. Good for you 🙂

        • #3213070

          It is hard to remember sometimes

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          who was around, when what was said. Lots of drama, lots of fun, all of it before your time Van. 🙁

          She used to sit all day long watching the “while you were out” type of shows, and so EVERY room in the house was some goofie finish, and LOTS of pink!

          The first time she saw everything was priceless. (her taking ALL the furniture sure made it easy to work on the rooms though!). She had not been in the house since the day she left and I had made a point of making sure she had no reason to EVER step back inside again. She decided one day that there was something about the boys that we HAD to talk about (I don’t remember what), and so she came up and walked in when she dropped off the boys. ( GRRRRRR!) She just looked around, taking everything in, and while the jaw tightened, she didn’t say a word about it. Two days later, I get in a phone rant “WELL! If you didn’t like my paint jobs, you could have SAID so!”

          To difuse the situation (as I was trying HARD to be civil as we still hadn’t gone to court yet and I didn’t want her pissed in court) I explained that this was what the realtor had suggested first thing (and it was). Neutral and simple. “Navajo white” was what I went with.

          Sure, I ENJOYED getting rid of all traces of her, but she didn’t need to know that.

          The cool part was, I would bust a$$ on the weeks I didn’t have my boys, and they would come back and a major part of the house was changed. Everytime they came home there was something else changed. They dont’ WANT to move NOW. 😀

          At first, I wanted nothing more than to get out of “our” house and get into “my” house. With traces of her gone, it is just “the” house, and I can deal with that for a while. ;\

          Oh yeah, I finished up the kitchen floor I was half way through working on when I found her checklist for leaving. Had ripped out the old floor and had got the subfloor in. I just laquired over it and good enough! 😀 It was like that for over three years. Finished that up, but not until after she was gone. B-)

          Yeah, she still gets hot about that. ;\

        • #3276823

          jd, sorry I didn’t get back before now.

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to I work industrial

          busy week – out of the office at clients a lot. I’m glad to hear about your “house” decisions. Sounds like the best thing you could do for you. It sounds very sane and healthy to just “move on” – esthetically speaking 🙂

          I’m going to be out next week, too, after Tuesday. Going for my certification as a Home Stager (don’t laugh). I’ve been doing it anyway for friends and family on the weekends for years now, so why not start making a few bucks for it, ya know? But during the week it’s all computers and that’s fun, too. Except I can’t get my Outlook 2007 beta to launch properly (after 2 weeks of trying!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!) X-(

          Take care of you (you sound like you’re already doing a good job).

    • #3213579

      Talk with my son

      by onbliss ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      Oh well a notable point this week was when my 8-yr son came upto me and asked, out of the blue, “Dad, who created animals? I know humans came from apes.”

      I enjoy these conversations with my 8-year old. And usually I do not have the answers, but it is nice to know what goes in that little mind of his.

      I also, am, curious about his source of all his information. He is kind of a voracious reader. He always manages to say “I don’t know”. He does not remember where he reads them or who told them. I also sense he is protective of his friends and teachers. But I have noticed, I have been a influencer. So sometimes, he says, “Dad, you told me!”. And, I am like “Okay!” (weak memory you know).

      And he wants to be a [b]zoologist[/b] when he grows up. I have tried to sway him into astronomy, physics and other things :-). He is simply great with mathematics and music. He came up on his own a shortcut for adding two digit numbers couple of years ago. But he is adamant for now on his goal of being a Zoologist 🙂

      I have tried to keep him little on the fence as far as the faith business goes. So I answered his question as “I don’t know.” and proceeded to tell him that some people consider Gods created animals, and some people feel it was evolution. He was amused and asked me aloud, who created god. If it was god’s father, and who…. and then we went on to reading his library book – some boxcar series.

      • #3213561

        “Who created God”

        by neilb@uk ·

        In reply to Talk with my son

        Wooo! Eight you say? Better get reading stuff! He’s a sharp one!


        • #3213549

          Neil: Have you seen this yet?

          by onbliss ·

          In reply to “Who created God”

          Bradshaw Foundation with Stephen Oppenheimer presentation? Link:

          Yeah, he appears to be sharp. Anybody with flair for music is sharp in my opinion. I am absolutely clueless, though I tried learning to play Violin for about two and half years.

          During my physics crush days, I was pondering on that a “container” must be present to contain things. And, you obviously know where that leads to. That’s probably when I gave up “thinking” 🙂

      • #3213533

        And for the other side of the story

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to Talk with my son

        check this out:

        There’s some thought provoking hoodeehah in there.
        Emo is pretty funny.

        • #3213521


          by onbliss ·

          In reply to And for the other side of the story

          It is little scary, when the kids values are shaped – directly and indirectly, by us. I have seen I have to be careful when listening to the radio shows when he is in the car. I look at him, in the rearview mirror, he is keenly listening. Things are new and he is curious. He asks questions – Iraq war, Israel-Hezbollah war etc.

          Yeah, Emo Philips’ quote was funny.

        • #3213501

          I owe you!

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to And for the other side of the story

          What a cracking website. It’s got my favourite Pratchett quote “The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it.” but the best one so far “You’re basically killing each other to see who’s got the better imaginary friend”.

          Neil 😀

        • #3213480

          There are some good quotes there, no doubt

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I owe you!

          and to paraphrase one of them, “God made you an atheist.” :0 Kidding. B-)

          I don’t have all/any of the answers for anybody. If something interests me I’m not afraid to look at all sides of the questions. I generally read your views with interest so you don’t owe me anything. Maybe in this life or another one we can split a six-pack of some real beer someday. 🙂

        • #3213423

          Can’t see your avitar

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to There are some good quotes there, no doubt

          What have you changed it to? Got a larger version you could post for us? thanks!

        • #3213404


          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Can’t see your avitar

          Just before you posted your reply I was going to change it back because of the amateurish job I did. I’ll leave it up for awhile.

          If you think it’s laughable… go ahead and laugh. 🙂 I’ll get better. I kind of like it myself and have no problem viewing it either. Whassup with that?

          I’ve just recently gotten better software and am messing with it. It seems to be good therapy for the wrist, being forced to make small precise movements.

        • #3213396

          Maybe it is the crap video card I have

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Avatar

          but nothing but the HE11 are distinguishable to me. It almost looked like the sign was on two totem poles or something! 😀 I am on an OLD system. Celeron 600. But it runs our software, so I get by with it. Had a chance to upgrade, but didn’t feel like reloading everything on a new system so I passed.

          I had the same problem when I was messing with my avitar. Cool pic that just doesn’t show it’s self off at such a small size. I like my Jagger IV the best, but no one could tell what it was! 🙁

          The pic I now use is the basis for my tat I got many moons ago. After summer is over I need to get in and get some re-inking done.

        • #3213392

          Saved to the thumb drive

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Avatar

          With the rest of my 3 Day stuff. I like it!

          Thinking I would like to use it in fundraising flyers. As in “Don’t wait for Hell to freeze over before supporting a Cure!”

          Considering that I too am in the frozen tundra, I think it could work!

        • #3213390

          The aspect ratio on my avatar

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Avatar

          has always been wrong and it’s hard to fix with an object that’s wider than it is tall. The next ice storm we have I’m going to slide on over and take a better picture.

        • #3213385

          Tigger. You might want these too

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Avatar


          If they can be useful to you at all it will have made my day.

        • #3213379

          I saw the one with the Race logo

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Avatar

          But didn’t save it. Windows decided to BSOD as I was viewing it. Windows is such a pain in the hind.

          I have them both saved. They look great!

          What did I read about amature quality??? Must have been mistaken!

          As long as you don’t mind, I can find all kinds of things to do with the images!

        • #3213363

          Feel free Tigger :)

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Avatar

          I made that little poster myself BTW. I like messing with pictures. I rarely take a good shot but it’s fun looking for good pix and using them occasionally.

          I noticed something odd. If you have both pictures opened in tabs and switch back and forth between them the “Race for the cure” poster dims out in one picture. It shouldn’t do that because it’s the same picture with only that breast cancer poster added???

        • #3213353

          You’re right, NeverBusted

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Avatar

          But the change is so minimal, I didn’t notice it until I looked for it. It is almost as if the “Say it, Cure it” is on a brighter backkground than the “Race” is.

          When I open the graphic file in paint and check it on a highly enlarged bit map, I see no difference in teh background colour. That said, I need new eyes- these are getting old and worn out.

          Can’t think of anything that would cause that difference though…

        • #3213401

          I can see it

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Can’t see your avitar

          Has the “Race for the Cure” and “Say it, Cure it, Damn it” posters along with directions to the Party.

          Would hate it if you missed that…

          Looks really great though! Too bad about thos e party directions…

          (Remember, ya gotta love me!) 🙂

        • #3213332


          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I can see it

          You went and posted “over there” just to make me jealous dintcha? 🙁

    • #3213141

      ah, should I wait..

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      until it’s my monday to post comments?
      [My monday is Thursday, today is Saturday. :p ]

      • #3213140

        Since you asked

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to ah, should I wait..

        I [b]demand[/b] that you wait. B-)

      • #3213125

        you must wait unless

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to ah, should I wait..

        it is more about your cutie friend kissing the girls and making the boyfriends cry! 😀 Never did hear how that one ended up! X-(

        • #3213074

          you really, really

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to you must wait unless

          don’t want to know. ]:)

          though, if you are nice, I’ll get some outdoors pics of her posted. :p

        • #3214060

          That depends

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to you really, really

          how long do I have to be “nice”?

          You know I can’t do that for long! 😀

          Did she decide she likes girls better? oh my….. :0

        • #3231972


          by jaqui ·

          In reply to That depends

          but she is worried that I’ll have a ..”toy” in my pocket to get her with again. ]:)

    • #3214052

      My daughter…

      by x-marcap ·

      In reply to Monday Water cooler 8/7/06

      Can hit the ball a long ways. She played softball.

      I have shot 77-101 this year for 18.

      I can say this the catch is have you got the time to practice? Try this on for size, Foamies. You get used to shaping your shot with these foamies and then you try to do it with real balls on the course.

      A foamy may go 50 yards, but it shows you the shape of the shot…

      • #3214025

        Will give it a shot

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to My daughter…

        that and it is time to go see the swing doctor tonight!

        I get the boys for a bonus night, so they can do the driving range while I try to fix my drive. B-)

        On 18 I usually get between 97 and 105, depending on how much jagger we get into and how early we get into it! 😀

        • #3214018

          Get Bobby Jones on Golf!

          by x-marcap ·

          In reply to Will give it a shot

          He really did some great work about getting your head into and then out of the shot.

          It helped me break Par when I have a really good day putting. (4 times) so far.

          I have always been a lousy putter. If Cary Middlecoff or Ben Crenshaw had tips, I’d be the first in line…

          He points out that youe posture dictates your swing. I let myself flatten out naturallly, and started really hitting the ball. Sometime we’ll go play pasture pool.

        • #3213880

          Greetings X-MarCap

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Get Bobby Jones on Golf!

          I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you here before and I just want to welcome you. Nothing more.

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